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Sage Drive Synchronization Error – Drive Not Sync in Sage 50 Canadian Edition

Sage Drive Synchronization Error - Drive Not Sync in Sage 50 Canadian Edition

Sage 50 is an Accounting Software that is used by entrepreneurs for their finances and accounts in their businesses. Sage 50 has different versions like Sage 50 US, Sage 50 UK & Sage 50 Canada.

Sometimes Every Software Faces some Issues like Sage Drive Synchronization Error – Drive Not Sync in Sage 50 Canadian Edition when you are trying to Sync Your Drive it displays a message “Could not sync the Sage drive company. Please try again”. This Particular Sage 50 Error also occurs for the Sage 50 Canadian Edition Users.

Keep Reading the article for more information on this Sage 50 Error.

What are the Causes leading to the Sage Drive Synchronization Error – Drive Not Sync in Sage 50 Canadian Edition

The NET version has abused and canceled the cloud client by misusing machine precise information such as computer name and collectively unique identity (UUID).

  • Unable to find the Data File in the data path.
  • The data file has been corrupted.
  • You are using an older version of Sage 50
  • The Internet connection is weak
  • The Sage 50 software has not been activated.  

What are the Strategies to Fix Sage Drive Synchronization Error – Drive Not Sync?

Here we have provided you with all the possible resolutions to fix the Sage drive not sync issue.

Strategy 1: Incompatible builds on Data-sharing Systems

The builds on the Data-sharing Systems are incompatible and need to be compatible.

Follow the steps below:

  • Choose About Sage 50 Accounting from the Help Menu
  • For the Build line, draw a line and write down the Build number.
  • You have to Check if any program needs to be updated
  • Confirm the Build on every system, including server permissions to company data in Sage Drive.

Strategy 2: Rebase the Sage Drive Company

The Sage Drive Company has to Rebase by browsing to the most recent access or the PC.

Read Below to know more:

  • Browse to the most recently used access point or PC.
  • Go on Sage Drive Company.
  • Select Help, then go to Support Utilities, and finally to Rebase Sage Drive Company.
  • Shutdown the Sage Drive
  • The upload has been completed
  •  check to see if it syncs correctly by opening the software on the other system

Strategy 3: Disable the Backup Manager’s Services

To Disable the Backup Manager Services stop any future scheduled backups,

Follow the given steps below:

  • Your Sage backup manager should not be currently executing a scheduled backup.
  • If you can’t remember when your backups are scheduled then check another Sage installation. Navigate to the File menu.
  • Choose the option “Schedule a backup” and then go to Settings.
  • Type services.msc > Enter the following code, by Pressing the Windows key
  • Right-click the service and select Stop to check If any services are listed

Strategy 4: Verify and correct if the Data Path is Missing

If the Data Path is missing to verify and correct the Data Path,

Follow the steps below:

  •  Examine the company’s data stream, if the shared company is already shown in the Open Business window  
  • You have to check if the data path on the server or standalone system is correct, follow the procedures below:
  • Search for your data, which may consist of corporate directories.
  • Look for the data path as well as the program path.
  • After finding both the data and program path then compare the two directories.
  • Both have to match the corporate folder exception listed in the data directory.

Strategy 5: Restart the Pervasive Workgroup

The Pervasive Workgroup has to be Restarted and no one else should be using Sage 50 Accounting Software.

Follow the steps given below:

  • You must check to make sure no one else is using it If you’re using Sage 50 in a networked setting.
  • You can find the Windows Desktop here, by clicking on the icon.
  • Go to the Options menu and then select Settings option
  • The next step is to Choose the Control Panel
  • Press and hold the Administrative Toys button twice.
  • Double-click on the Services Section
  • Look for the Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine in the Services Section on the right & click it.
  • From the Action menu and select Stop.
  • Choose Action and Restart.

Strategy 6: Get a Copy of the Shared Data

A Copy of the shared data must be taken so that if by chance the data has been misplaced you will have a copy.

Follow the steps below:

  • A consistent internet connection is required.
  • Port 5222 across the firewall has to be allowed
  • Sage Drive Manager Center can be accessed
  • A fresh copy of the shared business can be downloaded.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • The company’s data folder has to be located
  • Search for the business directories.
  • The corporate data folder has to be removed and moved to a new location.
  • Sage Drive Company has to be reinstalled

To initiate, Sharing my Sage Drive Company on any PC that has access to the company

The Following instructions are given below:

  • The Sage Drive Company sharing has to be disabled
  • Select File, then choose Remote Data Access, and then Stop Sharing.
  • Choose Yes to confirm that you must stop sharing the company.
  • The company will then get deleted from Sage’s disc.
  • Users who have previously downloaded the business file have access to the local copy, but it does not include the advanced changes saved to the company.
  • A confirmation message indicating that the company has been deactivated will be sent
  • The data in the cloud will be removed as well once you stop sharing


Trust now you have sufficient data about the blunder and ideally the previously mentioned advances will assist you with fixing Sage Drive Synchronization Error – Drive Not Sync in Sage 50 Canadian Edition If you need any assistance, contact us through Sage Live Chat.

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