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Sage Exchange Error Codes

Sage Exchange Error Codes

Sage Exchange Error Codes Overview

Sage is a comprehensive accounting solution which is developed by Sage Group for small and medium industries. It helps you with accounts, payroll, HR, ERP, payments and lot more. It is available in desktop version with cloud access.

Though it is a user friendly software which makes your life easier but there are certain instances where a user may come across certain technical errors while making payments through Sage. They can also be called as Sage Exchange errors.

There are many sage Exchange Errors like Decline Code 000057, Decline Code 000005, Decline Code 000051, etc. Here are few methods to resolve this error.

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage Exchange Error Codes

Sage Exchange Error codes has occurred due to a user is trying to make a payment using Sage Pay API. 


The Sage Exchange Error Code occurs due to certain glitches that appear when a user is trying to make payment. Even Sage Decline Code comes under Sage Exchange Error Codes.

Read More in detail below:

Exchange Errors

Sage Exchange Error codes are the errors which occurs when a user is trying to make a payment using Sage Pay API. You can also call them as Bank Errors as your transaction is restricted if you come across this error.

Decline Code Errors are also known as Sage Exchange Errors.

Decline Codes:

Decline transactions are generally blocked by your customer’s bank. The most common reasons for decline errors are:

  • User is typing wrong credit cards credentials.
  • Card may be expired.
  • There may not be sufficient funds in your bank account.
  • Bank has declined your transaction based on location.
  • Your transactions might be blocked due to bank’s fraud rules.

Here are many decline codes errors which blocks your transactions.

  • Decline Code 000057: Service not allowed.
  • Sage Exchange Error Code X901000: Security Violation
  • Decline Code 000051: Insufficient Funds
  • Decline Code 000005: Do Not Honor
  • Decline Code 04, 07, 41, or 43: Hold Call or Hold Card

How to Resolve Sage Exchange Error Codes

There are many Sage Error Codes and there are different solutions for each error.

Read More Below in detail:

1. Solution for Sage Exchange Error Code 000057

Cardholder should contact bank directly to resolve this error.

2. Solution for Sage Exchange Error Code X901000

  • This error occurs when your Mkey or MID is not active in Sage database or merchant account.
  • Enable it.

3. Solution for Sage Exchange Error Code 000005

To resolve this error contact your bank for assistance.

4. Solution for Sage Exchange Error Code 000051

To resolve this error you will have to transfer enough fund in your account.

5. Solution for Sage Exchange Error Code 04, 07, 41, or 43:

  • These error codes means that your card is lost, stolen or flagged for pickup by issuing bank.
  • You will have to retain the card.
  • Give a call on back of card and report decline to rectify this error.

These solutions are recommended by Sage experts. 

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