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Sage Pay Error Codes

Sage Pay Error Codes

Sage pay provides the service of processing the payments and it is owned by the Sage group. There are many situations when you come across various Sage pay error codes while working in your Sage account.

Sage Pay Error Codes Overview

Sage Pay is the leading secular payment service provider (PSP) in Europe. It is one of the most trustworthy payment brands. Each year, Sage Pay processes over online, 4 billion payments safely; and over both, phone and card machines.

More than 50,000 businesses all over Europe rely on Sage Pay to process payments via card safely. Sage Pay helps in preventing fraudulent transactions. We make sure that the payment process is safe and easy.

Why Sage Pay?

  • Security: Sage Pay has the most security when it comes to card data security (PCI DSS Level 1 compliant). This helps the customers to trade in peace and thus protects them against fraud.
  • Free 24/7 customer support: Another reason why one should use Sage Pay is that the Customer Service Team is online and ready to help you resolve issues and errors hindering usage.
  • Multiple channel payment processes: Whether it is online or over the phone or even by using card machines in-store, Sage Pay is able to meet all the payments required using one Sage Pay account.
  • Sage Pay is easy to use.

Different Types Of Error Codes in Sage Pay

The errors that hinder the usage of the software, are: Validation & Response Errors

The Error codes are:

I. Validation Errors Codes:

  • 1001 – Invalid transaction type
  • 1002 – Missing vendor (company name)
  • 1003 – Missing vendor TX code
  • 1004 – Currently unused
  • 1005 – Missing currency
  • 1006 – Invalid currency
  • 1007 – Missing request description
  • 1008 – Missing card holder. t28/3 will automatically fill the cardholder but ph28 the user will have to enter
  • the details.
  • 1009 – Missing card number
  • 1010 – Missing expiry date
  • 1011 – Missing CV2
  • 1012 – Missing card type
  • 1013 – Invalid card type
  • 1014 – Missing billing surname
  • 1015 – Missing billing first name(s)
  • 1021 – Missing delivery address surname
  • 1022 – Missing delivery address first name(s)
  • 1023 – Missing delivery address first line
  • 1028 – Currently unused

II. Response Error Codes:

  • Unauthorized
  • Rejected
  • Malformed request. A required field is probably missing
  • Invalid. e.g. Request made from invalid an IP address

 A Few Sage Pay Error Codes

Sage Pay Error 2003


 If the terminal IDs are not correctly allocated causes Sage Pay Error Codes.

To know more read below:

  • If the terminal IDs are not correctly allocated, the transactions will not be processed and the error 2003 is generated.
  • If Sage Pay experiences some kind of authorization issues, the error message 2003 is displayed.


  • When the above-mentioned errors occur for a particular transaction, please reprocess the transaction which might resolve the error.


  1. What are the various causes behind the Sage error codes that occur?

    There are various causes behind the occurrence of Sage error codes:

    💠 There are some technical glitches faced by the company.
    💠 Problems are faced when the payment system is combined with the company’s website.
    💠 Due to unsuccessful transactions.
    💠 There are some problems with the card you are using for payment.

  2. What are the various features involved in Sage pay?

    Sage pay offers numerous features including:

    💠 Customization 
    💠 Fraud prevention 
    💠 Phone payments 
    💠 Invoice payments 
    💠 Point of Sage integrations 
    💠 Business insights 
    💠 Card machines 
    💠 Have more than 25 currencies, and more.

  3. What are various Sage pay error codes?

    Sage Pay error code 401, Sage Pay error code 1017, Sage Pay error code 1002, Sage Pay error code 2003, Sage Pay error code 10, Sage Pay error code 1, Sage Pay error code 2261, Sage Pay error code 2097, and more.

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