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Sage The Report Has Failed to Output to Email

Sage The Report Has Failed to Output to Email

Sage 50 accounting software is considered trustable and user-friendly software that is mainly developed for new, small, and medium-sized businesses. Sage software is completely loaded with multiple amazing features that provide continual growth for small businesses particularly.

Worldwide experts give preference and recommendations to other users due to its extraordinary benefit. Designing and generating reports by taking printouts with the printer is one of the most important necessities of any business. Sage 50 not only allows for the instant creation of reports but also allows customization of reports as per the necessity of the business. Many times the user is trying to print out their important document and file but it shows an error Sage the report has failed to output to email.

While using Microsoft Outlook, The user is not able to email documents from Sage 50 or Sage Accounts. At this time the following error appears on their system. This error had happened due to incorrect settings or reports specific issues. Unable to send all emails or Failed to output to email. The user needs to check Microsoft Outlook opens correctly.

Quick Overview of Sage The Report Has Failed to Output to the Email

Error Code:The Report Has Failed to Output to EmailDeveloper:Sage Group
Error Description:

Sage The Report Has Failed to Output to Email

Software:Sage 50
Symptom:Outlook Version OutdatedApplies to:Windows 10 and 11
Cause:Failed to Output Email is if the current version of Outlook used by the user is not compatible with Sage.Possible Solution:Check and run administrator of Sage software and Outlook

Causes of Sage The Report Has Failed to Output to Email

The cause for Sage Report’s failure to output email is if the current version of Outlook used by the user is not compatible with Sage.

For more information read below in detail:

  • Check their version of Outlook is compatible with their Sage software. They are using the desktop version and not cloud-based.
  • Updates all installations of the version of Outlook.
  • After completing this task, try to email their document again.

Solutions for Sage The Report Has Failed to Output to the Email

A Simple Solution for Sage Report failing to output email is to first check and run the administrator of Sage and Outlook.

For More read below in detail:

Method 1: Run Both Programs as Admin

To apply this solution, you need to log into an admin account on Windows. You then have to run both Sage and Microsoft Outlook as an administrator. You can change the compatibility settings of Sage from the properties option.

Steps to fix Sage and Outlook errors by running the programs as administrator:

  • Check and run administrator of Sage software and Outlook
  • Shut down all the software. Right, select Outlook.
  • Select Properties and select the Compatibility tab. Tick on and run this program as an administrator.
  • Select OK and right-select the Sage software shortcut.
  • Tick on Properties select the compatibility tab and click ok.
  • Try emailing them the document again.

Once connected, all of your transactions will be automatically updated in both programs. You can also use various filters within Sage 50 to search for specific transactions or accounts. Additionally, if you have a bank relationship with another financial institution, you can import your bank details into Sage 50 so that all of your transactions are automatically updated with accurate balances and recent transaction history. Finally, if you need to make any changes to your contact information or financial data, simply click update in each program and save the changes.

Method 2: Configure Email Client

If the mail client, such as Gmail, webmail, or Outlook, isn’t working properly, then the email operation will fail. The failure results because of not Sage but the small client. This solution tries to ascertain that Outlook is causing the Email output error in Sage.

  • Shut down and reopen Microsoft Outlook and check that it correctly opens.
  • Right to select any file on the system, click on send to.
  • Select Mail Recipient.

Method 3: Reset Email Preferences

You’ve to choose Microsoft Outlook as the default email client; otherwise, Sage won’t be able to connect to the software if it isn’t the default program for the function. Instead, the task will be sent to the default email client that isn’t connected to Sage.

  1. Click on Setting and select email default.
  2. Select the relevant tab and click on the invoice.
  3. Select the override Default Outlook Signature and click on OK.
  4. With the Sage Payroll issue
  5. Select Printer Offsets and select Email Setup.
  6. Select Microsoft Outlook and click on the MAPI that is specific to the report.g
  7. Select ok and click on No
  8. Again, try emailing their document.

On the other hand, if the user is already troubleshooting the error of Sage the report has failed to output to email with upper solutions. The user still faces the same error again and again with their system e-mailing.

With Sage 50, you can easily connect your accounts with Outlook. You can access your contacts, calendars, and tasks in Outlook just as if they were stored in your Sage 50 account. Additionally, you can use Outlook’s powerful search capabilities to find information quickly and easily. This integration makes working with your data faster and easier than ever before.

Method 4: Relink Sage 50 with Outlook

In this solution, we’ll once again integrate Outlook with Sage 50 to make sure that we didn’t make any errors when connecting the first time. Integrating your Sage 50 account with Microsoft Outlook is a no-brainer and will save you hours. Most business software companies offer integration options with Microsoft Outlook, as do many other popular email services like Gmail. 

Steps to link Sage 50 with Outlook:

  1. First, sign in to your Outlook account. 
  2. Next, click on the File tab and select Account Settings. 
  3. In the Accounts section, under Email Accounts, select your Sage 50 account from the list. 
  4. Click on the Properties button next to the account and select the Integration tab. 
  5. Next, under Email Integration Settings, make sure that the Use Microsoft Exchange Server checkbox is selected, and then enter your login credentials for your Sage 50 server. 
  6. If you have a password-protected account, you will need to enter your password in addition to your login credentials. 
  7. Click on the OK button to accept the settings and close the Account Settings window. 
  8. Now all of your email messages will be imported into Sage 50 as they arrive in Outlook. You can continue working with them as usual or send them out using Outlook’s integrated email features.


Sage cannot output a report to email because the programs cannot connect. This connection problem can occur because of a few reasons – Outlook may not be the default email client for your system, Sage and Outlook may not have the required rights to execute the email function, etc. Go through the solutions in this post to fix the Sage output to email failed error.


  1. How to troubleshoot Sage 50 email errors?

    If you are having trouble connecting your Sage account to Outlook, here are some tips to help. Make sure that your Sage and Outlook versions are up-to-date. Try disabling any firewall programs or security measures that may be interfering with the connection. If all else fails, try resetting both your computer and your Outlook account password.

  2. What is Sage 50 and email integration?

    Sage 50 is the latest iteration of the Sage accounting software. It offers several features and enhancements over previous versions, including support for Microsoft Outlook. This integration allows you to easily connect your accounts and manage your finances from one place while sharing reports through email.

  3. Does Sage 50 work with Gmail?

    Yes, it does. You can use Webmail to link Gmail or Yahoo email accounts with Sage 50. In the email setup option from the Maintain window, choose Use Webmail, and then input information for your Gmail account so that Sage 50 can connect to your email.

  4. Does Sage 50 work with Mozilla Thunderbird?

    Yes, it does. Apart from Mozilla Thunderbird, it works with other MAPI-compliant email clients. In Sage 50, go to Maintain, then Email Setup. Click on Use Default Email Application, and choose Mozilla Thunderbird.

  5. What causes ‘Failed to output to email’?

    Most often, connection problems between Outlook and Sage 50 result in failed output to email errors. However, damage to Sage 50 or Outlook program files or insufficient admin rights may also cause the error.

  6. How do I link Sage 50 to email?

    You can install Microsoft Outlook or a MAPI-compliant email client, and then make it the default Email application. You can also use Webmail to connect Gmail or Yahoo accounts with Sage 50.

  7. How do I link Sage to Outlook?

    After installing a compatible version of Microsoft Office Outlook, you can go to the Maintain option in Sage 50, and choose Email Setup. Then click on Use Default Email application and select Outlook.

  8. How to fix Sage 50 ‘Failed to Email Output’?

    You have to install a compatible version of Microsoft Office, and then restart your system. Then install the latest updates for Sage 50 Accounts and Payroll. Finally, choose the correct SMTP preferences and input the correct password.

  9. Why can’t I email invoices from Sage?

    Sage 50 email errors include ‘Unable to send all emails,’ ‘Error with the address Unknown Error,  Please check Windows Event Log for more details,” Failed to output to email’, and ‘ExtendedErrorCode.COMError: “Generic COM Error.’

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