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Set Up Child Support In QuickBooks

Set Up Child Support In QuickBooks

How To Set Up Child Support In QuickBooks?

QuickBooks accounting software is one of the leading accounting software which comes with many new features whereas child support garnishment is one of the most important functions you have to do. QuickBooks provides the best services to set up all the payment and government tax levies issues. QuickBooks customer support team is always available to provide the child support Garnishment. In this blog, you get complete guidance that how to set up child support in QuickBooks with all useful information.

Some important facts about the Child support Garnishment in QuickBooks, you must aware of them before setting up

  • Deduction of Tax amount process must be done from the employee’s bank check
  • Your specific payroll item comprises all the deduction which concludes for a specific employee
  • In the charts of accounts, most of the liability accounts are optional
  • As per terms and conditions, Only one worker gets access to own the child support deduction

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Step by Step Process Setting UP Child Support QB

To learn to set up child support in QuickBooks, you have to go with the following steps:

  • First of all, go to the List menu and click on the “Payroll Item”
  • Then put the next click on the “New” option
  • Then select customer set up and EZ set up as per your requirement according and proceed with NEXT click
  • After that, the user needs to select the Deduction option and click on the “Next”
  • Make sure about the above details and assign the name to process the payroll deduction and click on the NEXT
  • Then enter the agency name specifically for the liability to be paid and go forward with NEXT click again
  • From the drop-down preferences, select the “Tax Tracking Type” and click on it
  • Make sure you just select the None option and then click on the NEXT
  • If the default widow taxes window will appear on your screen then mark your click on the NEXT
  • Then choose the “Net to calculate amount after taxes” from the drop-down options net window vs. Gross
  • After that, they are all accessible to calculate the total deduction that you made before the taxes
  • In any case, if you choose the gross then make sure you have to enter the  “Default Rate and Limit”
  • Then the user needs to add the decimal sign or the percentage as per according
  • To end the process, click on the FINISH button

In the employee record how you can set up the child support Garnishment, here you can go with the below steps:

  • Users need to mark the first click on the “Employee option”
  • Must be sure that user go with the selection of “Employees Centre” from all the available options
  • Then go forward and click on the “Employee Name” and then select the “Payroll Info” option
  • To fill in all the details regarding the item, click on the “Item Name” and choose the  garnishments items
  • After that, put your next click on all the company Contributions, additions, and deductions
  • In the end, click on the “Action field” and enter all the deducted amount

Now Setup Liability Payment Schedule QuickBooks

Follow the below instructions to   set up the liability payment schedule:

  • firstly, go to the “Employees” option
  • From the drop-down preferences, select “Payroll Taxes and Liabilities”
  • user has to select the Edit Payment Dues option and click on it
  • Then a payroll setup window will appear on the screen and the user needs to click on the “review scheduled tax payment list”
  • To continue the process, click on the “Continue” button and this message “add or edit schedule payments for benefits and other payments” will receive on your open screen
  • Then the user gets access to view the complete information about the child support or all other wage garnishments
  • Then proceed forward and click on the EDIT option and then select the payment frequency
  • Click on FINISH and close the payroll window.
Help For Child Support Deduction QuickBooks Payroll

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