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QuickBooks Enterprise Unrecoverable Error

QuickBooks Enterprise Unrecoverable Error

The QuickBooks Enterprise Error “Unrecoverable Error” might occur when you try opening QuickBooks Desktop or the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. Don’t know how to fix the problem? Is it hampering your business? in order to help you fix the QuickBooks Enterprise Error “Unrecoverable Error”, below we have given multiple solutions, which you can apply on your own. For desired results, perform the below given solutions in the given order only.

Causes of QuickBooks Enterprise “Unrecoverable Error”

  • Error occur at time of creating a portable file
  • Data file is corrupted or damaged.
  • While QuickBooks or windows updates are missing.
  • The Internet is creating a problem.
  • Technical or system related issues.
  • Also if QuickBooks did not close properly.
  • Due to the system clutter the dynamic link library or the DLL files are corrupted or not available.

The solution to fix QuickBooks Enterprise Error “Unrecoverable Error”

1. Solution One: Suppress the QuickBooks Desktop as well as the data file

  • First of all, on your keyboard press and hold the CTRL key while you try opening QuickBooks
  • Then go to the No Company Open window, there open the QuickBooks file while pressing and holding the ALT key on your keyboard. (This will probably open your QuickBooks file as well as close all windows that are in use in your data file.
  • However, if the error still persists, it is recommended to follow solution 2. 

2. Solution Two: Try opening a sample file 

Opening a sample company file will enable you to find out whether the problem is with your company file or the QuickBooks application. In case, a sample company file fails to open and instead shows an error returns an error, probably the QuickBooks installation is corrupted and must be repaired.

  • Go to the No Company Open window, there click on the Open a Sample File button.
  • After that select any from the list of sample company files.
  • However, isf the sample file opens, go to solution 3. And in case sample file shows the same error message, it is recommended to skip to solution 5.

3. Solution Three: Copy the QuickBooks Desktop file on your desktop

Copying the file on the desktop and opening it will help you find out if there is any problem with the company file’s location.

  • Open the folder containing your QuickBooks company file.
  • Find the QuickBooks file with the extension of .QBW.
  • Then right-click on the file
  • Select Copy.
  • Go to your desktop and right-click
  • Select Paste.
  • Now hold the control key, open QuickBooks. You will be directed to the No Company Open window.
  • Click on Open or restore an existing company.
  • Navigate to the desktop and look out for the company file you copied. Open that file.
  • In case, you are still getting the error, please proceed to solution 4. 

4. Solution Four: Use ADR to restore your backup

If the company file is damaged, we suggest you to use the Auto Data Recovery for restoring the data.

5. Solution Five: Troubleshoot QuickBooks Desktop

However, in case the sample file or any other file shows the same QuickBooks error message, chances are that the QuickBooks program along with its components is corrupted/damaged.

In order to fix this problem, do the following solutions:

Note: After you follow each solution, please try to open your QuickBooks file and see if you are able to fix it.

Solution 1: Run Reboot.bat
  • Run the Reboot.bat file to re-register all the components related to QuickBooks in Microsoft Windows.
  • And if the problem persist, try out the below given solution.
Solution 2: Run the QuickBooks Component Repair Tool/QBInstall Tool
  • Download and then install the QuickBooks Component Repair Tool/QBInstall Tool
  • Run the tool to check and repair all the damages components that’s are running in the background.
  • In case, the problem still persists, go on to the below given below solution. 
Solution 3: Perform clean installation of QuickBooks Desktop
  • Perform clean installation of QuickBooks (install all QuickBooks installation files along with all its components to a fresh folder but at the default location)
  • In case, the problem continues then it is highly recommended to consult a QuickBooks Enterprise support provider who can provide comprehensive technical assistance to troubleshoot the QuickBooks Enterprise Error “Unrecoverable Error”. 
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Help for QuickBooks unrecoverable error


  1. How can I repair unrecoverable errors in QuickBooks Enterprises?

    There are so many ways to fix QuickBooks’ unrecoverable errors. But the best way is to click on the ALT key while hitting the double-click on the QuickBooks application icon. Then, the guidelines will appear on the screen, follow until the program is not finished. Then release the ALT key and write the password in the given field. Hit the next click on the OK button. Once the application launches then press the ALT key again.

  2. What QuickBooks Enterprises’ unrecoverable Error defines?

    An unrecoverable error is that error that usually appears while the execution of any QuickBooks programming that has not been registered. There are many more reasons, before resolving any unrecoverable issue know the reason behind it. The user has to know about the specific reason and then implement a suitable solution.

  3. What is the difference between QuickBooks Enterprises and QuickBooks Pro?

    QuickBooks Enterprises is the most upgraded version and it allows up to  40 users to work on a huge amount of data whereas QuickBooks Pro permits up to 3 users and it is the best option for all small businesses. QuickBooks enterprise is the best choice for all medium-sized businesses.

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