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Convert QuickBooks Online to Desktop

Convert QuickBooks Online to Desktop

Want to Convert QuickBooks online to Desktop? Looking for easy to do steps? In this article, we will talk about the conversion of QuickBooks online to desktop in detail. No matter what the reason is, sometimes it is important to convert QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop. Fortunately, it is not at all tough to convert all the data files.

However, it is new to a lot of the users. This article shows how to convert QuickBooks, what to find out and the predictable results of the conversion.

It is not that tough to convert QuickBooks. If you want to discuss it with our QuickBooks experts, then please call our QuickBooks helpline. Our QuickBooks support team will help you understand the process of conversion easily.

Is the Process of Converting Easy?

  • A large part of the QuickBooks Online company files are easy files which just have one or two applications in them and that makes the process of conversion very smooth.
  • As there are so a host of variances in a conversion, we would majorly focus on the most customary QuickBooks Online data file that you wish to note in case you have an intricate QuickBooks Online company or, in case you only wish to use several parts of QuickBooks Online data, including things like vendor, customer and item lists.
  • In that case, exporting the lists to Excel file and afterwards then importing all those files to QuickBooks Desktop is a flawless way to go ahead.
  • The online edition of QuickBooks is a wonderful option. Though, the conversion process may not be that simple, but it is still very much doable. So the right breakdown of activities needs to transition from the Desktop version to the online version would be normal.

Things to Keep in Mind before Moving Ahead with The Conversion Process

  • Before opting to convert, there are a plenty of differences to review. The ways the solutions are written and organized are very different and this implies that there are places where the actual features or data may not transfer over.
  • When it comes to the QuickBooks Online “Recurring Transaction”, it does not really convert to QuickBooks Desktop “Memorized transactions;” And, if we talk about the shared reports or the Automatic emailed reports, these reports will also not be saved with Location tracking, and this may result in a possible loss of apps.
  • The best way to convert in case the user is converting a file which does not have any inventory, and doesn’t even have any attached apps and absolutely no payroll, in that case the conversion is going to be very easy as compared to a data file which contains a large number of pieces to convert and this is where the conversion can become a little or more tricky.

How to Convert QuickBooks Online to Desktop

To convert quickbooks online to Desktop, You need to follow mentioned below steps:

Total Time: 12 minutes

  1. Step One

    Firstly, to convert, you will have to use the Internet Explorer for Windows

  2. Step Two

    Afterwards, from the company icon, click on Export Data

  3. Step Three

    You should have QuickBooks desktop Installed

  4. Step Four

    Then, you can just transfer data, export, and move your QuickBooks Online data to QuickBooks desktop in order to go ahead with the conversion.

To know in detail, you can call our QuickBooks tech support helpdesk at . Our QuickBooks technical support team will be always there to assist you!.


  1. What happens when you convert QuickBooks Online to Desktop?

    When you convert your QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online, then you need to know that you might have found some reports that are missing and didn’t match. After this conversion, you have to import the Audit trail, budgets, bill payments, Payroll items, Pending sales, Price levels, QuickBooks Payments, Recurring transactions, Reimbursable expenses, bills, chart of accounts, documents, credit card charges, and many more.

  2. How can I convert QuickBooks online to desktop instantly?

    Before this conversion, make sure you create a backup file to prevent data loss while fixing this error. There is no direct way to convert QuickBooks from online to desktop. Firstly you have to import data then login into your QuickBooks accountants. After this, you have to choose the program to convert. From the available preferences, pick the conversion you need and perform guidelines until the program is finished.

  3. How can I import the import transaction after converting the QuickBooks Online to Desktop?

    Open the transaction menu and then click on the Banking tab. Now, click on the arrow icon which is just beside updates under your accounts. Then, select the upload from the File option and then browse the file that you want to download. Hit the Next button and follow the displayed guidelines to do mapping and import the file without any interruption.

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