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QuickBooks Could Not Copy The Company File

QuickBooks Could Not Copy The Company File

QuickBooks could not copy the company file error usually happens when there is less storage in your system or the file is damaged. Just suppose, you have an important file to copy but your system is showing this kind of error. Many QuickBooks users get overwhelmed when it comes to resolving this kind of issue. This article has come up with a lot of manual steps that will surely help you restore the latest backup of your company file

Well, it is an undeniable fact that backup of data is very much essential to generate a copy of the company file on which the user is working and to recover it easily in emergency cases. In case your software is unable to create the backup then the case is sensitive and ignoring it might lead to fatal consequences. Many reasons can prevent you from going ahead with the process. So, first, identify the reason and then go with the solutions accordingly. 

Let’s shed light on some reasons why QuickBooks unable to copy Company File

Countless software issues may trigger the warning message “QuickBooks could not copy the company file”. Below you will find some of the genuine clarifications of this error. 

  • If there is not enough storage available in the system drive.
  • If the company data file is damaged or corrupted, QuickBooks will be unable to complete the backup in one go.
  • Storing the data backup in a damaged folder, or following the incorrect location to store the backup, may also lead to this problem.
  • When the size of the backup data file is larger than a specified limit, that is 3GB; a user might struggle with the successful creation of the backup.
  • An internal glitch in the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • If the name of the company data file, including the extension, is more than 65 characters.
  • If the user is running an outdated version of QuickBooks.

Well, It is important to note that Users might have trouble identifying the causes of QuickBooks Could Not Copy The Company File. However, this is not too difficult to fix once they find the most appropriate solution which might lead to hit-and-trial methods. 

What are the methods to fix the “QuickBooks could not copy the company file” error? 

In this section, you will get at least two to three options to get rid of such errors. Here, each of the methods is going to be described along with the steps. So without any ado, let’s get started. 

Method 1: Create a copy of an existing QuickBooks company file manually 

  • Navigate to the QuickBooks Desktop and the company file you want to copy.
  • To open the Product Information window, Press F2.
  • Now have a look in the File Information section. This shows where your company file is saved on your computer.
  • If you haven’t already, follow the steps to back up your company file.
  • Click on Backup to restore your company file.
  • Then rename the file when you restore it. This creates a unique copy of your original company file. 
  • At last, save the new file to a unique folder.

So, you have now two separate company files: the original and the second you restored from a backup. 

Method 2: Setting up a new QuickBooks Desktop company file

  • To begin with the process, the very first step is to hit on, ‘Open or Restore’ an existing company from the QuickBooks “File Menu’. 
  • Now, the user is required to choose ‘Open a company file’, followed by clicking on ‘Next’.
  • Lastly, you need to click the ‘New company file’ name and hit ‘Open’. 
Note: Ensure that your QuickBooks Desktop is up to date and have the most recent version of it

Method 3: Backup of Company file into an external drive or flash drive 

  • You would have to visit the File menu and then select the Save Copy or Backup option.
  • Choose the Backup copy and tap on Next.
  • Now you are prompted to select Local Backup and then click Next.
  • The user needs to click on ‘Save it now’ when asked and then press the Next tab. 
  • Navigate to the location on the local drive and hit the Save button.
  • Minimize the QuickBooks desktop and move to the next step. 
  • Head to the backup file on the local drive.
  • Furthermore, right-click on the file by selecting the copy option.
  • Open a ‘Windows Explorer window.
  • After that, double-click the drive letter that corresponds to the external drive or flash drive to open the same. 
  • In the end, right-click on ‘File’ then choose the ‘Paste’ option and you are good to go. 

Method 4: Rename the QuickBooks Desktop Company File

If you want to avoid any mess with your data, it is required to take a backup of the same before making any kind of changes to your company file. Also, before using a loan manager, the user has to recreate the loan manager information once the company file is renamed. 

  1. The first step is to ‘Start your Desktop’ and then go to the company file. 
  2. Then Press F2 or Ctrl+1 which will open the ‘Product Information’ window.
  3. Make sure you have noted down the location of the company file listed in the ‘File Information Field’. 
  4. Now head to the location of the company file. This step might vary with the Windows version just like;
    • Windows 10, 8.1, and 8: The users of Windows 10, 8.1, and 8 are required to right-click the ‘Windows start’ button and then hit the ‘File Explorer’. 
    • Windows 7 and Vista: Whereas, other users are required to right-click the ‘Windows Start’ button and then choose the ‘Open Windows Explorer’ option.
  5. Next, right-click the file and select the Rename option.
  6. When you are done with this, you would have to write a new company file name and then press Enter. If Windows prompts the user to confirm the action then click Yes. 


Hopefully, you can grasp crucial knowledge from the information above and also can apply it in such a way that will surely help you to create a copy of your company file. Copying is a general process wherein you copy your data from one place to another. It can be a little bit problematic if you don’t have enough space in your system or your existing file is longer than the specified limit.

If still, you are facing the “QuickBooks could not copy the company file” issue frequently and fail to complete the process yourself, don’t take it lightly and immediately get in touch with QuickBooks helpdesk team members as they have in-depth knowledge and experience to tackle such errors in one go. 


  1. What are the correct steps to restore a QuickBooks company file?

    A1 Let’s figure out how to restore a QuickBooks company file.

    1. First, open QuickBooks.
    2. Switch to the File menu then open or Restore Company.
    3. Restore the file based on its type (.qbw)

    💠 Windows company file (.qbw)

    4. Click Open a company file then press the Next tab.
    5. After that, open the appropriate folder and choose the company file.
    6. Select open then enter the password.

    💠 Windows backup file (.qbb)
    💠 Windows portable file (.qbm)
    💠 Mac company file (.dmg or .qbxxx)

    7. Point of Sale file- check the Help menu for the updated steps.

  2. What if I move my QuickBooks company file to another computer?

    If you move your company file to another computer, it won’t affect your product license.

    💠 When you start, make sure you install QuickBooks Desktop on the new system.
    💠 Now, follow the steps to create a backup company file on your original computer.
    💠 Once you save the backup file, give it a unique name so it’s easy to identify. Doing so also prevents accidental overwrites.
    💠 Don’t forget to save the backup file somewhere else so that you can easily find out, like your Windows desktop.
    💠 Now it’s time to move the backup computer file to your new system. You can either put the backup on a flash drive or an external device or you can share it if your new computer is on the same network.
    💠 Check out the steps to restore a backup on your new computer. 
    💠 Always remember it should have a unique file name.
    💠 If you use payroll, download the latest tax table after you are done with moving your file.

  3. How to unlock a company file in QuickBooks?

    To unlock a company file in QuickBooks, go through the steps given below:

    💠 Navigate to the Edit menu and select Preferences.
    💠 Now, click the Desktop View tab.
    💠 Choose the ‘Don’t save the desktop’ option and then tap on OK.
    💠 To end the process, close and reopen QuickBooks and later open your company file once again.

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