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Quickbooks Not Responding After Sleep Mode

Quickbooks Not Responding After Sleep Mode

Reason for QuickBooks not responding after sleep mode?

QuickBooks not responding after sleep mode: the causes are many and quite varied. Damage to the company file and program file or a damaged QBUSER.ini file is often the main cause of this error.

Error: QuickBooks not responding after sleep mode

Some users, especially those using SSD, have reported that QuickBooks does not respond after sleep mode. The accounting software simply freezes when they open it up. Often caused by large company files or damaged program files, this error may imply serious damage to your accounting data.

Causes of QuickBooks not responding after sleep mode

The following causes can cause QuickBooks to not respond after sleep mode:

  • The company file is too large
  • The name of the company file is too long
  • The company file is damaged
  • The hard drive or SSD of your system is damaged
  • Windows program files are damaged

3 Easy Solutions Step by Step for QuickBooks not responding after sleep mode

We’ll start with using the install diagnostic tool, then scan files for errors, and finally repair the program files related to QuickBooks. 

Follow these solutions one by one in the order they’re provided.

Use the QuickBooks Utilities

QuickBooks tool hub can help you to scan your platform for required software and hardware requirements to run QuickBooks desktop. It can also scan company and program files for errors. If QuickBooks isn’t responding, then maybe your system isn’t matching the software’s minimum requirement or an important file is damaged or missing.

Here are the steps to configure QuickBooks not responding to errors with the install diagnostic tool.

  • Download the QuickBooks tool hub.
  • Save the setup for this program on the desktop.
  • Go back to the desktop, and double-click on the setup to launch it.
  • Follow the instructions given by the installer to load the program and its utilities on your system.

If system requirements or missing software are leading QuickBooks to not respond when the system is restarted, then you can follow the steps given below:

  • Launch the QuickBooks tool hub from the start menu.

Note: if you can’t find the program, then search for it in the search field.

  • Choose Program Problems from the provided utilities.
  • Choose the QuickBooks Program Diagnostic tool.

Note: This tool usually takes up to 20 minutes to scan your system to troubleshoot the error and fix it.

  • Restart your system when you get the confirmation that the utility has finished troubleshooting and fixing found issues.

Just to reiterate, QuickBooks not responding after a restart caused by unmet hardware or software requirements can be diagnosed and fixed using this method.

However, if company file or program file damage is causing QuickBooks to not respond, then here are the steps to fix this error:

  • Launch the QuickBooks tool hub once again from the start menu.
  • From the listed utilities, select Quick Fix my Program.
  • Wait for the utility to scan the program and company file related to QuickBooks.
  • Launch QuickBooks and log into the company file.

There are a bunch of other utilities available in the tool hub to help you easily diagnose and resolve errors related to this accounting software. The best part is that the QuickBooks tool hub is completely free, as it’s provided by Intuit to help QB users with common problems related to this software.

Note: If this method doesn’t work in your case then move to the next step…

Create a new QBWUSER.ini File

Whenever you open a company file in QuickBooks, the details of the company file are stored in the QBWUSER.ini file. QBW is the extension for QuickBooks company files.

Damage to the QBWUSER.ini file can lead QuickBooks to not respond or freeze.

To fix the QBWUSER.ini file so that QuickBooks starts responding, follow the steps provided below:

  • Go to the C drive and double-click on the Users folder.
  • Double-click on the folder with the username of your current account on windows.
  • Go into the AppDataLocalIntuitQuickBooks[xxxx] folder, in which xxxx stands for the year of the QB edition.
  • From the view option in File Explorer, mark the checkbox against hidden files.
  • Find the QBWUSER.ini file and right-click on it.
  • Choose Rename and append “.old” to the name of the file. The title for the file should now display QBWUSER.ini.old.
  • Right-click on The EntitlementDataStore.ecml file and append a .old to its name too.
  • Launch QuickBooks desktop and log into your company file.

Because of damage to the QBWuser.ini file or the entitlementdatastore.ecml file, QuickBooks may not respond, as it can’t access important information and resume the session.

Renaming these files forces QuickBooks to create new versions of them, which are error-free. So QuickBooks desktop can then work as intended without freezing when you wake up your system.

Note: If still facing the same problem after performing these steps solution, then consider looking next step solutions.

Repair the program and company files

Any damage to the program or company files in QuickBooks can cause it to freeze. You can check your program files with the tools provided in solution #1. However, to fix both of these problems, you may have to take additional measures.

To repair QuickBooks program files so that QuickBooks starts responding, follow the steps provided below:

  • Choose an admin windows account and log into it.
  • Click on the Start menu button or hit the windows key.
  • From the right sidebar, select the Control Panel.
  • In the provided options, choose Programs and Features, then click on Uninstall a Program.
  • Choose QuickBooks Desktop.
  • We’re not going to uninstall QuickBooks. When you right-click on the software, select Repair/Uninstall.
  • When the wizard appears, choose the radio button against Repair and follow the rest of the steps as guided by the installer.
  • Click on Finish, then launch the software to check for errors.

If you find that the program files are working fine, then there must be some problem with the company file or network connection.

Note: If your company file is stored on a separate network or workstation, then ensure that you’re still connected to the company file. Network errors can cause the QuickBooks desktop to freeze.

Note: Still not rectified the error then move to the last step solution

Launch The QuickBooks Tool Hub and Scan Your Company File

Lastly, launch the QuickBooks tool hub and scan your company file for errors. If errors are found, use the tool to fix them. If, however, the tool cannot fix the found errors, then you need to get in touch with an accounting software expert as soon as possible to recover your accounting data.


QuickBooks not responding after restarting the system with SSD can be resolved with the solutions that we’ve provided in this post. As there are many moving parts to this error, it may be difficult for a beginner or non-technical person to identify the issue and resolve it on their own.

Note: if you’re still struggling with this error, then reach out to our accounting and software experts via chat or call.


  1. QuickBooks isn’t responding when I try to connect with the company file over a secure network.

    QuickBooks freezes if the connection to the company file is blocked when the software is operating. There can be many factors that can interfere with the network connection to the company file. Windows firewall often blocks ports that are required to access the company file over a network. Creating new firewall rules can prevent errors from occurring in the first place. Further, a loss of connection to the company file because of the internet, not working can also lead QuickBooks to freeze.

  2. How much do I have to pay for the tool hub to fix QuickBooks’ not responding error?

    You don’t have to pay a single penny. You can access the setup for the software from the link we’ve provided in this post. The tool is absolutely free to download and install on your system, as it was created by Intuit to resolve some commonly encountered errors in QuickBooks.

  3. If I rename the QBUSER.ini file, will I lose my accounting data?

    The QBUSER.ini file only stores the names of the recently opened company files on the QuickBooks desktop. If you delete or rename this file, then QuickBooks simply creates a new one to log this information. While QuickBooks can’t fix a damaged QBUSER.ini file, it can create a new one if you simply rename or move the old one.

  4. Can damage to my SSD lead QuickBooks to not respond or freeze when I open it?

    Yes, it can. A damaged SSD prevents the processing of data stored on it, so you won’t be able to access the company file properly. When the program or company files cannot be accessed by QuickBooks while you’re working on them, the program stops responding. In this situation, you should consider getting your data recovered and transferred to a new SSD.

  5. When I launch specific features or tools, QuickBooks stops responding. What should I do?

    This may imply damage to the program files related to QuickBooks. The damage may not be causing QuickBooks to crash or freeze until you use a specific tool or feature that relies on that file. As soon as that file is accessed by the software, QuickBooks stops responding and simply freezes. You can look at the third solution in this post to fix this error.

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