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QuickBooks Payroll Error 15xxx

QuickBooks Payroll Error 15xxx

QuickBooks Payroll error 15xxx is the series error that you encounter because of many reasons like QuickBooks being unable to verify the digital signature of a file, internet settings, internet explorer settings not done properly, software or windows not updated, or many more reasons. 

The 15xxx has a series of error codes that users face in their QuickBooks desktop account while working on it. Many reasons cause you the problem that needs to be fixed before it becomes a big problem. 

In this article, you get all the reasons and the solutions that can be done related to the cause.

Users have to identify the reason and then the solution. After that, implement the solution and fix it easily on your own.

Error Code:Error 15xxx
Error Description:QuickBooks Payroll error 15xxx is the series error that you encounter because of many reasons.
Developer:Intuit Inc.
Applies to:Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Cause:QuickBooks download is corrupted or damaged, and Internet Explorer settings are not configured properly.
Symptom:program window crashes, Windows runs slow and reacts gradually to the keyboard and mouse inputs.
Solution:Process A Clean Install, Configure Internet Explorer Options

What are the causes of QuickBooks Payroll Error 15xxx?

Here are several reasons for QuickBooks payroll error 15xxx that cause you the error from series 15000. Each error code has its reason and some of them have similar reasons and differ from user to user.

The reasons are given below:-

  • The QuickBooks download is corrupted or damaged
  • Internet Explorer settings are not configured properly
  • The Digital Signature Certificate is missing
  • Installation is not done properly
  • QuickBooks Payroll subscription is not active
  • The license or product key is incorrect
  • Virus attack
  • Windows Registry entries are damaged.

What are the different error codes in QuickBooks Payroll Error 15xxx series?

The various error codes and some of them are mentioned below:-


What are the methods to fix the QuickBooks Payroll error 15xxx series?

There are various methods that you have to perform according to the reason for the error and also the error code that you get from the QuickBooks Payroll error 15xxx series. You have to process the solutions step by step and fix the error code that stops you to work in your QuickBooks account. Let’s identify the solution for the reason that causes the error.

The methods are as follows:-

1. Method One: Process A Clean Install

Step One: Collect all the information related to your QuickBooks product

  • You need to download the installer for your QuickBooks in your system.
    • Go to the good source link for download installer (LINK)
    • Then select which version and edition of QuickBooks you want to download 
    • After that download it.
  • Keep your license number convenient. This should be on the original package or in the purchase confirmation email if you purchased the digital version.
  • Also, note down the product edition and version of the QuickBooks software

Step Two: Uninstall and Again Install QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Uninstall and Remove QuickBooks Desktop
    • Open the Control Panel in your system
    • Then click on the Programs and Features 
    • Again, you can see the same option Program and Features click on it
    • Now the list of programs displayed on the screen
    • Select the QuickBooks software that you are using in your system
    • Right-click on the QuickBooks program and select Uninstall/Change
    • Then click on the Remove option
    • Select the Next button and you are done.
  2. Re-install or Again Install QuickBooks Desktop
    • Download the QuickBooks Desktop version that you want to use
    • Then go to the installation file with .exe extension in the File Explorer’s Download folder
    • Double-click on the installation file and then follow the instructions displayed on your screen
    • Also, agree to the software license agreement while installing the software
    • Now provide the details of the License and product number that you have
    • After this, click on the Next button
    • Go with the recommended installation type
    • When it is complete then activate the software
      • For activation, click on the Help menu in QuickBooks
      • Select the option Activate QuickBooks Desktop
      • After that follow the steps that you see on your screen that help you to verify all the information.
    • Now, you are done with the software and try to open it and use it to check for errors.

2. Method Two: Configure Internet Explorer Options

  • On your computer, open the browser Internet Explorer
  • Go to the Gear icon on the top right side of the browser window
  • Then from the drop-down menu select the option Internet Options
  • In the Internet Options window, go to the Security tab
  • Click on the Trusted Sites from select a zone to view or change the security settings
  • You have to click on the button Sites
  • Type the trusted site in the field of add this website to the zone and then click on ADD button
  • Click on the Close button below after adding all the trusted websites
  •  In the end, click on the Apply button and then click on the OK button. This applies all the changes and then closes the Internet Options window.

3. Method Three: Attach Digital Signature Certificate

  • In the File Explorer, search for the file QBW32.exe
  • When you get the file, right-click on it
  • Further, select Properties
  • The Properties window opens up
  • Go to the tab Digital Signature
  • Check that the Intuit.Inc option is selected
  • In the Details option, click on the button View Certificate
  • From the Certificate window, install the certificate by selecting the Install option
  • Click on the Next button to continue and in the end click on the Finish button
  • When the installation completes, restart your computer.

4. Method Four: Verify the subscription to QuickBooks Payroll

  • Check the subscription of your QuickBooks Payroll that it is active or inactive
  • If it is active then ok but if not then you have to make it active 
  • After that, reset the QuickBooks software update
  • Check the service key of payroll that must be accurate
    • Go to the Employees menu option in QuickBooks
    • Further, select the My Payroll Service 
    • Click on the Manage Service Key option
    • Hit the cursor on the Edit button and then check for the service key that is correct or not
  • Click on the Next button to continue and at last click on the Finish button
  • Restart your computer
    • Click on the Start menu button
    • Select the power button and then select the Restart option.

5. Method Five: Run Quick Fix My Program to fix QuickBooks payroll error

  • Download QuickBooks Tool Hub on your computer
  • Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub 
  • Click on the Program Problems
  • Then run the Quick Fix My Program 
  • Now the problem is fixed by the tool
  • Try to open the QuickBooks and the company file in your account
  • Now download and then install the update within QuickBooks Desktop
  • If you are not able to update the software then delete the update from the root folder
    1. Firstly, close QuickBooks
    2. Open the location C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intuit\QuickBooks XX\Components (XX is the year or version of QuickBooks software)
  • Open the QuickBooks Desktop account
  • Click on the Help menu and further select the Update QuickBooks Desktop
  • You have to it the cursor on the Update Now
  • Then click on the checkbox named Reset Update 
  • Now hit on the Get Updates button
  • It starts downloading the update and when it is completed
  • Then open QuickBooks and click on the Help menu option
  • Click on the Update QuickBooks Desktop
  • In the tab, Overview selects the button Update now.

6. Method Six: Verify Internet Connection and QuickBooks Settings

  • To confirm that QuickBooks files have both incoming and outgoing Internet access, configure your firewall or anti-virus.
  • A firewall that is not associated with QuickBooks can generate the 15xxx series error when you try to download the update.

7. Method Seven: Configure Your Firewall and Anti-Virus Defender

Your firewall program and Anti-Virus Defender need to be set up for the user to check that your QuickBooks files are safe and secure. This can corrupt QuickBooks files if the firewall is not configured and when you try to download updates or reinstall any versions in your system.

8. Method Eight: Download Updates in Safe Mode

If the error continues even after following the overhead steps, try downloading the update in safe mode.

  • Firstly, the user should open your system in safe mode
  • After that, download the update again
  • If it is successful then restart your computer in regular mode
  • Finally, try to download the update again

Repairing QuickBooks error 15XXX series is not as difficult as users assume it to be. Adopting any of the methods mentioned above can help users of QuickBooks get rid of the problem without any hassle. If these methods do not fix the error, seek professional help or call QuickBooks Payroll Support service providers.


  1. How to display hidden files for renaming the installation folder to resolve QuickBooks Payroll error 15xxx?

    1. Open File Explorer by pressing Windows + E buttons together
    2. Click on the View menu option
    3. Select the option File extensions
    4. Then click on the Hidden items
    5. You can see all the hidden files if there are any.

  2. What to do if I got an error while renaming the folder for fixing QuickBooks payroll error 15xxx?

    1. Right-click on the Windows Task Bar
    2. Then select the option, Task Manager
    3. In the Processes tab
    4. Click on the Column Name to sort the processes list
    5. Now, you have to select the processes related to the QuickBooks 
    6. After selecting the processes, end them one by one by clicking on the End Task button.

  3. Which install is recommended when I have to reinstall QuickBooks to fix the QuickBooks Payroll Error 15xxx and what are its situations? 

    The recommended install is the Express install in which you won’t have to do many things. You have to follow a few steps and your software is ready to work on. There are some situations that you have to take care of it before going to do this install that is:-

    1. If you are reinstalling your QuickBooks program
    2. You are a first time user of the software
    3. Going to use QuickBooks on a single computer.
    4. Do you know how to do the express install or recommended install to resolve QuickBooks Payroll error 15xxx?

    Yes, here are the steps to perform recommended or you can say express install are as follows:-

    1. In the installation, select the option Express (Recommended)
    2. Then click on the Next button
    3. Now click on the button Install to start the installation
    4. When you are done then click on the Finish button 
    5. With the Finish button also select the open QuickBooks option.

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