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QuickBooks Payroll Keeps Turning Off | Fix it in the Easy Way?

QuickBooks Payroll Keeps Turning Off

Why does QuickBooks Payroll turn off By Itself?

Here’s what you should do when QuickBooks Payroll keeps turning off, QuickBooks remains closed, QuickBooks Payroll has stopped working, QuickBooks Payroll won’t open, or QuickBooks Payroll isn’t responding.

QuickBooks Payroll was started by Intuit after the company received favorable reports from users around the world about the need for the payroll process. A minor functionality of payroll was previously included in the accounting software – QuickBooks, which was later discontinued to welcome a complete payroll process that QuickBooks users can employ as an add-on application.

QuickBooks Payroll Keeps Turning Off

However, like every other software, QuickBooks Payroll also creates problems for the user due to errors and glitches. One of the most common errors is that QuickBooks Payroll keeps turning off or stops working and shuts down on its own. Detailed information can be found on Intuit QB Payroll Customer Service.

Causes Behind QuickBooks Payroll Stopped Working

The software needs to be fixed as soon as possible for the payroll to work as smoothly as possible without losing any precious time. For those using payroll subscriptions in tandem with QuickBooks software, the error may have occurred due to some issue with QuickBooks software only. The most common resolution is to fix the installed QuickBooks which can resolve many of the issues faced. To run the steps mentioned below, it is imperative to stop QuickBooks from running.

How to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Keeps Turning Off Automatically?

Furthermore, the steps mentioned are by the specific operating system – Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 and the reference of Installation Wizard is one for running repair and not for installation purposes:

  • Close the QuickBooks software and keep a backup of the company file in use.
  • Go to the start icon and select it followed by locating and clicking on the Control Panel option.
    • For users with Windows 8 – After clicking on Start, in the space provided for Search type in ‘Control Panel’. A different set of results will be showcased. Click on the folder labeled ‘Control Panel’.
  • In the window of the Control Panel, search and click on the Programs and Features option and then on ‘Uninstall a Program’ (if needed).
  • In case the above options are not visible, then go to Programs, and from the menu select Program Features.
  • The next step is to look for QuickBooks from the list of programs installed on the system and select the option Uninstall / Change.
  • When the user is prompted about being confirmed regarding the step, then click on Continue followed by the Next tab.
  • Lastly, select the Finish option and restart the system for the process to complete.
  • There are times when the repair process is going on, the user might encounter messages from the software stating – ‘Files in Use’. In such a scenario it is recommended to follow the steps below:
    • Click Ignore (as the reboot is required), and then click on OK.
    • The user might have to click on the tab – Ignore the number of times. After this, the repair process will continue.
  • In case the Ignore tab is not available, then click on Close. After the repair is completed, the user is recommended to restart their computer system.

Another process to follow after completing the above one is to validate the service key of their QuickBooks Payroll to refresh it.

For this process follow the instructions detailed below:

  • Go to the Employees section after opening the QuickBooks Payroll software.
  • Select the option from the menu labeled – My Payroll Service.
  • Under this tab select the option called Manage Service Key.
  • In the lower half of the screen, on the left side, locate the Edit button and click on it.
  • Select the option Next.
  • Lastly on Finish.

Once the process is over user will be shown a message stating –

“You’ve retrieved the latest payroll update and validated your Payroll subscription.”


  1. Why does my QuickBooks Payroll keep turning off?

    There are so many issues due to which QuickBooks Payroll keeps turning off such as network connectivity problems and corrupted or damaged installation files. But to avoid these kinds of errors, clear the cache and cookies in the web browser to delete stored internet files.

  2. How would I be able to fix the QuickBooks Payroll errors?

    Click on the Help menu and then select the “QuickBooks” and then hit the CTRL + ALT +Y key simultaneously. Moving forward with on-screen guidelines to view the employee details window. Then, choose the employee but make sure that was not paired. Double-click on the employee’s name and then review the adjustment details. Hit the Ok button to finish the program.

  3. How would I activate the Payroll in the QuickBooks Desktop?

    Go to the Employees menu and then choose the “Payroll” button. Click on the “Service Key” in case, if you have an existing payroll membership. Hit the click on Add and then enter the Service key and then click on the Finish button and you are all done with this program.

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