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How to Purge Unnecessary Data from Sage 50?

Purge Unnecessary Data from Sage 50

Purge Wizard is there to help you in order to understand what the purge process is all about and how to purge the data. It will help you to decide how old and what all type of data, needs to be purged. While the Purge wizard is going on, you have to ensure that you have taken the backup of all the necessary files, before the purging actually starts. It is strongly recommended to take two, instead of one backup, segregated as the backup for current reference and the other one to be secured for special and emergency needs, it should be stored at a separate and secure location.

Important Note: Purge process is not made to fix or remove the corrupt data. In case you are facing any such issues or think that your data is corrupt, then restore the company’s data backup.

In order to start the purge process:

  • Select Tasks first from the menu bar of Sage 50, then select System and then select the Purge Wizard
  • You will see a welcome screen of Purge Wizard. Click Next
  • Before continuing, wizard needs a backup. After the backup is taken and the process gets complete, you’ll be redirected to this window. Then click Next
  • Here, the windows of Old Transactions will help you in choosing the transactions that are not needed and you are willing to purge them
  • Don’t forget to mention the date when you want the transactions to be purged
  • Transactions you are willing to purge should be selected in Transaction group box:
  • Receivables should be selected first so that the transactions like receipts, invoices and quotes are deleted
  • Then select the receivables in order to delete the transactions like payments, purchases and purchase orders
  • To delete the transactions related to payroll, select Payroll
  • To delete assemblies and adjustment transactions select Inventory
  • To erase the journals and the entries related to it select General Journals
  • To erase the trail data of company’s audit select the Audit Trails (it is available exclusively on Sage 50 Complete Accounting and higher)
  • To erase the expense and time tickets used in sales and payroll, select the Used Tickets
  • Unused expense and time tickets could be deleted by selecting Unused Tickets (it is available exclusively on Sage 50 Complete Accounting and higher). Do not forget to select the date when you want these tickets to be purged
  • Once done, click on Next in order to proceed the purge process
  • With the Account Reconciliation windows, you will be able to have clarity whether account reconciliation is used by you or not and in case it is used then which account has to be reconciled before it gets purged
  • If you say Yes, in the grid present at the window’s bottom, mark the accounts that needs to be reconciled before they are purged
  • Accounts that require reconciliation, for example inventory and cash, click twice on the arrow to get the drop down that will lead you to the individual accounts. Accounts reconciled in the past will be by default selected
  • Individual account that has to be reconciled should be selected by a check box.

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