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Sage 50 Error Connecting To Database

Sage 50 Error Connecting To Database


The Sage 50 software is an extremely helpful accounting program for the experts and companies as it helps in finishing projects in a precise and speedier way with high-end security and safety features. all types of organizations files or records are tremendously secured and protected with this software and can easily be accessed from anywhere in the world. The Sage 50 Software faces an Error Sometimes which is known as “Sage 50 Error Connecting to Database” which is caused due to Corrupted Data. To Solve the Sage 50 Error Connecting to Database Restart the Sage 50 Connection Manager. Read The Rest of the Article below to know more about this Sage 50 Error.

Error Code
Error Connecting To DatabaseDeveloper:
Sage Group
Error Description
“Sage 50 cannot connect to its database, Actian Zen on computer [server].”Software:

Sage 50
Connection Manager is not properly installed or the service has not started on a server. Applies to:

File was left open in the background Possible Solution

The client has to ensure that the configuration of Sage 50 server firewall data is done correctly.

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage Error Connecting to Database

Error: “Sage 50 cannot connect to its database, Actian Zen on computer [server].”

Causes of Sage Error Connecting to Database:

Sage 50 Error Connecting to Database can occur because of a few reasons, if the backup is still not completed and a file was left open in the background.

For more information details are mentioned below:

  • The SAJ folder must have a read-only attribute.
  • Antivirus service is detecting mysqld.exe, mysqld-nt.exe, or Connection Manager service as threats and thus sent to quarantine.
  • Windows Firewall service is probably blocking the Connection Manager which as a result is not able to connect to the database engine.
  • .NET Framework can also create conflicts.
  • Connection Manager is not properly installed or the service has not started on a server.
  • There can be issues with permission with the shared data location on a server.
  • Using a UNC address can also cause issues.
  • Corrupted data can bring problems connecting to the database.
  • If SAJ and SAI are stored in Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive then it can create conflicts
  • The Actian Zen has Stopped on the Server
  • The Network Location Profile on the Server or Workstation has been set to Public instead of Private
  • The Data path on the Workstation is Incorrect

Resolution for Sage 50 Error Connecting to Database

This error can be solved with a few simple steps, first if the database files are saved in your computer then test with sample company, after that check if the sample opens or not.

You can start Sage 50 Connection Manager once again.

For this, you will require to:-

  • First, open the control panel and click on Administrative Tools then Services
  • In services right-tap on the option named “Sage 50 Database Connection Manager”
  • After right-tap choose to stop and then again right-tap Sage 50 Database Connection Manager and choose start
  • Now attempt to open the company file, it will open.
  • If you are not able to stop the services and the error notification says Connection Manager could not be stopped then you do not have admin rights on the PC.

Check if the SAJ folder is in read-only mode

  • You have to close the sage 50 tools, browse to the company file path, and right-tap on the folder with the extension named SAJ.
  • Choose the Properties option and see if the Read-only mode option is selected.
  • If yes, then Uncheck it and choose OK.
  • Now start the Sage 50 tool again and open the company file.

Confirm that the files and folders in the .SAJ folder is viewable

  • Browse to open the folder where all SAJ files are stored.
  • Choose the folder and right-tap on it.
  • Choose Properties and unselect all options in the Hidden box.
  • Apply the settings and choose OK.
  • Now open the folder again and select if all the files and folders you require are available.

You can reinstall the program to restore all the settings to the original

  • Tap on Uninstall Sage 50 Option
  • Tap on the Reinstall Sage 50 option
  • Now open the program and review whether the file is opening or not.

For more information on this read below in detail:

  • Testing should be performed with a sample organization
  • In Windows XP, the client should go into the C:\Documents folder and then go to Settings\All Users\Documents\Simply Accounting\201X\Samdata\
  • The client has to click on C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Simply Accounting\201X\Samdata\ into Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 as well.

Alternate Method : If Sample Organization is Opening Correctly

In case the sample organization is opening correctly, at that point follow the given steps:

  • The client has to ensure that the configuration of Sage 50 server firewall data is done correctly.
  • Additionally, verify the server as well as drive on which organization data or files are In the event that a few programs are held in C drive and files and records in D drive, verify the authorizations of the file or data folder.
  • Create a new folder on the C drive.
  • Now move your data into a new
  • After that finish permissions should be given to the clients.
  • Now open your data from the folder that you created.
  • The record with IP address details of the server should be utilized as opposed to the one with the name of PC.
  • Check in case a sample organization is opening or not.
  • On the off chance that Firewall is obstructing the entrance or some anti-virus, at that point grant access.
  • There may be issues with Microsoft .NET Framework. Verify from the Sage 50 experts.
  • Testing the ODBC problem can likewise help in troubleshooting the error. Verify from our specialists the advanced steps in case you do not want any issue in your critical files and the PC.
  • The client needs to get back the computer into default factory settings in case the framework is newly purchased. For this, the client can utilize maker’s restore disk and restore Windows 7 or Windows Vista, Windows 8, and so on. Verify the details by the maker.
  • Reestablishing points can likewise help. It helps in restoring the computer to its underlying settings when the Sage 50 accounting program was working fine.

Method 2: The Correction Manager has to be Restarted

  • Start the Control Panel
  • Choose Administrative Tools and then Select Services Option
  • Right Click on the Sage 50 Connection Manager
  • Stop the Sage 50 Database Connection Manager and Start it Again by Right Clicking on it

Method 3: The Pervasive Database is Damaged on the Server

If the Pervasive Database is damaged on the Server then check for Virus or Malware that has caused the Database to be damaged then Uninstall the Actian Database Engine and Reinstall it again and check if the Error was Solved.

Method 4: Network Communication Problem

  • If there is a Problem with the Network Communication The Server has to be Pinged by Name From the Workstation.

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