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Sage 50 Runtime Error When Trying to Update Tax Forms

Sage 50 Runtime Error When Trying to Update Tax Forms

Sage 50 runtime error encounters mainly due to corrupted documents in Microsoft’s runtime folder and several other reasons. Tax forms let you create state and federal reports. Whenever you have registered on any of Sage 50’s payroll tax solutions, then you will get easy access to print-n-sign forms and receive a frequently updated tax form-related notification throughout the year. It permits you to fill in the information in the accurate fields. This blog will cover the Sage 50 runtime error when trying to update tax forms.

Role of Tax forms:

Sage 50 permits access to tax forms and e-filling via payroll tax forms. When you locate the Reports & forms menu located in the Main window then hit on Forms and after that Tax Forms. Choose the payroll tax forms listed and then select the Preview & print button. Ensure the form is set to Federal. 

Runtime error while updating tax forms:

The common error that generally occurs when users download tax form updates /advance tax table updates, form downloading from Aatrix, or perform any manual installation. This error message displays like the below description:

  • WindowsCannotfindC:\ProgramFiles\CommonFiles\Peach\FormViewer\SecureEfileClient.exe”
  • Runtime error i.e. Microsoft Visual C++ runtime library
  • Can’t install tax forms update 
  • MFC140.DLL file is missing when executing tax forms.

Causes responsible for the occurrence of the Sage 50 runtime errors during the process of a tax form installation:

  • Sometimes there are corrupted files in the form viewer folder
  • Security software like antivirus blocks the FormViewer folder
  • Corrupted Microsoft C++ runtime file
  • Absence of Visual C++ 2015 

Quick rectify Sage 50 runtime error:

Below-described is the list of step-wise guidance to resolve the error:

Solution 1-Manual Tax form updates installation:

  • First of all, close Sage 50 
  • Downloads all Aatrix tax forms related updates and save them on the system.
  • The update link is present in the Additional information
  • Perform the right-click on the downloaded file named peach.exe and after that choose Run as administrator mode
  • Now a message will display on the dialog box notifying you about the file’s existence on the system, you need to hit on Yes to All
  • Proceed with instructions that appear on the screen to complete the full installation
  • Launch Sage 50 
  • Check that now you can view the payroll tax forms. If the same error is encountered then you are recommended to go for the second troubleshooting solution.

Solution 2-Reinstall the Unloading Tax Forms or Remove them with a Peach.exe:

  • Again close the Sage 50 as in 1st solution
  • Repeat those steps till the instructions are displayed on the screen
  • There appears installing, removing, and modifying in the prompt.
  • Choose to remove the button
  • Open again Sage 50
  • Monitor that you are now able to execute the payroll tax forms, and check if the error still occurs.

Solution 3-Block out Firewall Updates:

  • Locate C\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Peach\Formviewer.
  • Find out the file type
  • Permit the .exe documents via security software
  • When the firewall program is administered through a remote server or it might be a hardware firewall, permits encrypted documents from Aatrix & Sage with a security application.

Solution 4-Perform safe mode through networking /booting into a selective startup:

  • Select any of the two methods named booting and safe mode. Monitor that now you can open the tax Forms updates
  • If you select load in Safe Mode, then you are required to characterize the process /service that is the cause of the issue. It is suggested to call the professionals while doing these steps.

Solution 5-Visual Basic C++ 2015 installation:

Verify the system updates including operating systems. Install the latest updates

Sage 50 Error: Aatrixforms.exe Entry Point Not Found

Corrupted tax forms
Damaged registry key

Solutions to Fix Aatrixforms.exe Entry Point Not Found

Solution 1. Run ErrorReport.exe to force install the update

  • First of all, close Sage 50, open File Explorer, or browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Peach (or, 32-bit Windows PC, C:\Program Files\Common Files\Peach).
  • Open ForumWeaver and locate errorreport.exe, then double-click it and select fix update.
  • When you are an administrator: select ok if prompted to load. If prompted with user login, you must enter your administrator credentials.
  • Then select Fix update again.
  • The update will proceed as normal, once complete open tax forms

Solution 2. Manually Remove and Reinstall the Payroll Tax Forms

  • To open File Explorer, press the Windows key + E.
  • Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Peach (or C:\Program Files\Common Files\Peach in 32-bit Windows).
  • The FormViewer folder should be renamed. Note: It is not recommended to delete this folder because it could potentially damage custom Human Resources forms.
  • Enter C:\ProgramData in the File Explorer.
  • You have to delete the Aatrix software folder.
  • Enter %userprofile% in File Explorer.
  • To delete the Atrix software, open the AppData folder and then open the local folder.
  • First of all, open the AppData folder, then open Roaming. Now delete the Atrix software folder.
  • Open the AppData folder, then Local, then Temp. Delete the folder AatrixTemp and the file PAW.aef.
  • Create a Backup of the registry. In the registry editor, navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products.
  • Select Find from Edit.
  • Click Find Next after typing (or pasting) Sage 50 Accounting Tax Forms into the search field.
  • A yellow folder on the left side will be highlighted in grey with a value of 7A4FE1AB76BAB294C9D7A4EE345F3A6C. Delete that folder and close the registry editor.
  • Install Sage 50 Accounting Tax Forms by running Peach.exe again.
  • Verify that the error has disappeared after the update has been completed.

how do I update sage 50 aatrix?

Ensuring that your payroll program and Tax Tables are up to date is a critical part of any in-house payroll. By default, your Aatrix payroll program will ask you if you want to update as it opens. Click “Yes” to check and see if your Tax Tables and your payroll program are up to date.

You should check for updates at least once per quarter. You can check for updates as often as you wish, for example before processing paychecks to make sure that you are up to date.

If you have checked the box “Don’t show this window again” you can also check for updates once the payroll program opens to the main Payroll Navigator screen by clicking the “Check for Updates” button with the green circle in the lower left corner.

If an update is available, you will be prompted to install the update.

During the installation of the update, a password may be required. Enter the password for the user on the computer, more commonly referred to as the computer password.

Once the updates have been installed, click “OK” in the box and the program will reopen.

Need to explore suggestions from experts?

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