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Sage 50 Error 3112

Sage 50 Error 3112

Sage 50 error 3112 is a file system error. Once the error is displayed, the application will close after displaying a fatal application error. This error is from the time when Sage 50 was known as (Peachtree). The file system error is caused by network communication issues. In most cases, it has been noted that the server freezes whenever this error is encountered.

Note: Before following the steps mentioned below, please ensure that you’ve all the latest updates installed for your version of Sage 50 (Peachtree) accounting software. If not, then please install these updates as they may contain a solution for this error.

Check Network Connection

There are multiple factors involved with the network connection to your peachtree accounting software. Firstly, you must check that the internet is working. Then, you can look into things like your network cards by connecting to a different network. If the network card is damaged then, you’ll have to purchase a new one for your system.

Security Software

To check if a particular security software like windows firewall is causing the error, just disable the particular software. If the connection works, then the root cause must have been the security software.

Below are the steps for permanently allowing the connection through windows firewall. If you are using a third party security software, then contact the provider of the software for further steps.

Follow the steps provided below, to create specific rules to allow connection through particular ports:

  • Open Start Menu
  • Search for Windows Defender firewall with Advanced Security
  • Next, click on Inbound rules
  • Select New Rule from the right panel
  • Configure the settings to allow connection through particular ports.
  • Type in a name and description for the rule
  • Click Save
  • Repeat the steps for creating an outbound rule
Error Code
Error 3112Developer:
Sage Group
Error Description
Error 3112: Fatal File System ErrorSoftware:

Sage 50
The security software is interrupting Sage Applies to:

Symptom Freezing of Network Server Possible Solution

Search for Firewall of Windows


The cause for Sage Error 3112 occurs because the security software is interrupting Sage.

To Know more read below:

  • Freezing of Network Server
  • Network Connection is Correct

Now, the connection wouldn’t be blocked for the ports for which an exception has been created.

Internet Service Provider: Your router, by default, blocks certain ports that can only be altered by accessing the settings of the router. You can contact your ISP to know more about the same. They will configure your router to allow connection through certain ports on demand.


To Solve Sage 50 Error 3112 check and disable other Security Software likes, Windows Firewall.

Read More Below in detail:

For Firewall Security Software:

  • Search for Firewall of Windows
  • Choose Windows Defender Firewall and Select inbound rules
  • The Network Connect has to be configured to select the new rule
  • Write the Name and Description for the New Rule
  • All the Steps are performed are done for outbound rule creation

Windows Repair Tool:

  • The Repair tool has to be downloaded and Saved
  • Open the File in the File Path
  • The UAC Pops up and the installation has started
  • Allow the Repair tool to Repair Automatically
  • All the Updates needs to be downloaded
  • After Scanning the tool brings up the errors and the issues the system is facing
  • Repair the System to get rid of the issues

What is Peachtree?

Sage 50 (Peachtree) is an accounting software that was acquired by the Sage 50 group, after which it was renamed to Sage 50. It has been a popular choice for small and medium sized businesses. Even startups rely a lot on this accounting software for handling both basic and complex accounting tasks. Apart from recording data, you can also store multiple forms into this software. You can even purchase a payroll subscription and handle everything from this software. To make things better, Sage 50 also has a reporting tool. This tool enables you to create customizable financial statements for better business insights.


Why can’t I disable windows firewall?

To alter any settings in windows, you must be logged in through an administrator account or have credentials of an administrator account.

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