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Sage Installation Errors and their Solutions

Sage Installation Errors and their Solutions

When a user works with Sage getting errors is very common. There are many reasons behind the Sage error like missing files, the current window, the bad way of opening the file, incomplete Sage installation errors, etc. These errors and problems not only take your time but also slow down your quickness and efficiency.

In this article, you will learn about the solutions to all the issues and errors that you may encounter during installation. So, you will know what kind of problems you can encounter and how to fix them.

You face many errors while installing software. Whether you are installing it afresh or installing updates. You all have to solve all the issues you meet. These errors can be caused by damaged software files, missing files, corrupt downloads, connection issues, system requirements that cannot be met, Windows being out of date, administrator access issues, and more. Identify the cause of the problem you are encountering and then apply the solution method accordingly.

Cause of Sage Installation Errors

Let us talk regarding what are the causes due to which there is any kind of installation issue in your Sage account. Not everyone gets the same issue so due to various reasons the user gets stuck while installing Sage.

Here is a list of a few of the reasons that cause Sage Accounts installation errors: –

  • The computer does not fulfill the minimum requirements
  • Data service is not available on this device or system
  • A few files are missing or corrupted for installation
  • The .NET Framework is not installed, is damaged, or is disabled
  • Computer windows are not up to date
  • Antivirus is obstructing installation on your system
  • Windows user authorizations
  • The download was damaged or corrupted
  • Intervention from third-party software
  • Registry issue with windows

Common Installation Error Messages in Sage with Causes

There are a few typical errors that you face while installing your Sage accounts. Hence, you have to troubleshoot it to fix the Sage installation errors by minding their Procedures. A few mistakes that are not detailed or you get some error codes also require to be fixed to get back to work. What errors do you receive while troubleshooting the Sage 50 account setup? A few of them are:

Error MessagesCauses
Sage Error 350: No action was taken as a system reboot is required when installing Sage 50cloud AccountsAccess issues, either with user access or anti-virus software
Sage Installation Error 1101The Sage error 1101 notification you are likely to see is, “Specified VRN, not found”. However, this is not the only condition when you encounter this issue as it may be related to the installation of Sage 50 software as well as Microsoft programs like .Net running together.
Sage Installation Error 1304Sage Error 1304: Error writing to [filename] Verify that you have access to that directory. This error has been faced most prominently by the users of Sage 300 ( formerly known as ACCPAC) but it is also displayed on other editions and versions of Sage as well.
Sage Installation Error 1308Sage error 1308 can be spotted when there are some issues with the installation of Sage software. The main reasons behind the failed installation of Sage software: The source file is not found or missing on your computer.
Sage Installation Error 1324Sage error 1324 is caused because the Windows system is set in another language other than English. or ‘The path to [directory] includes an invalid character’.
Sage Installation Error 1325Sage error code 1325 displays that the document is invalid due to the abbreviated filename. This error is classified as a software update error. This occurs when the user tries to install an update on an already running program or a previous version of it.
Sage Installation Error 1327Sage Error 1327 occurs when your system has an Invalid Drive: This error appears when you try to install Sage from the installer and the location to the drive is missing from where the installer requires to pick up the file.
Sage Installation Error 1328Error 1328. Error applying the patch to file…\PT3271.tmp. It has probably been updated by other means, and can no longer be modified by this patch. for more info contact your patch v…
Sage Installation Error 1334Sage Error 1334 occurs when the file name cannot be installed as the file cannot be located in the cabinet file while installing the software. The biggest cause of this Sage 50 trouble is the fact that the download of the Sage software was not correct or proper.
Sage Installation Error 1335While installing the Sage software, the user may face Sage error 1335 with the error notification Cabinet file ‘, which requires the installation of damaged software, and the software cannot be installed.
Sage Installation Error 1402Sage error 1402 arrives up with an error notification “Could not open key: Unknown”. When the issue occurs you must review whether sufficient access to the key is available.
Sage Installation Error 1406When the software installer functions it tries to update the registry it either crashes or does not have the right user permissions to change registry keys and ends up giving rise to error code 1406.
Sage Installation – ‘Data Access Components Error 1601 ERROR_INSTALL_SERVICE_FAILURE’This error occurs if there is an issue with the installation files.
When installing your Sage software, the following message may appear:
‘Data Access Components Error 1601 ERROR_INSTALL_SERVICE_FAILURE’
Sage Error 1603: Fatal error during installationYou don’t have the correct Windows user permissions to access the areas affected by the installation. This can also occur if your disk is faulty. When installing your Sage software, the following message may appear: ‘Error 1603: Fatal error during installation’.
Sage Installation Error 1606Sage 50 Error 1606 is an error that occurs when the user installs a Microsoft Program or Software in the System. 
Sage installation error 1607Sage error code 1607 is an installation error that can be mostly observed when you are attempting to install Sage 50 software on your computer. This is a runtime technical error that commonly appears in Sage 50 applications in the US version.
Sage installation error 1608When installing your Sage software, the error notification may arise: ‘Error 1608: not able to create InstallDriver instance’ This happens if you do not have the proper Windows user authorizations to install the software, or if there is trouble with the Windows Registry.
Sage installation error 1609Error 1609: An error happened while applying security settings. User is not a valid user or group.’
Sage Error 1618: Another Installation Already in ProgressThe Windows Installer thinks another installation is in progress.
When installing your Sage software, the following message may appear:
Error 1618: Another Installation Already in Progress
Sage installation error 1628Sage error 1628 is caused due to incomplete installation or the corruption of the sage file, it can also be caused if your windows contain some kind of virus if your NET Framework has expired, or If you have mistakenly deleted imported files related to the Sage 50 software.
Sage installation error 1701Error 1701 usually occurs when you are installing or uninstalling software on your computer system and these are Microsoft errors that are related to the Windows installation engine.
Sage installation error 1712Error 1712: One or More Files required to restore your computer to its previous state could not be found. Restoration will not be possible.
Sage installation error 1721Sage Error 1721 can be caused because Windows Installer is registered or unregistered unsuccessfully or the New version is causing the issues.
Sage installation error 1722The cause for Sage Error 1722 is A previously installed Assembly is preventing the Sage Service host from installing successfully.
Sage installation error 1919Error 1919: Error configuring ODBC data source’ when installing v25. This happens when the software has not configured ODBC properly. To fix this, you need to make sure you’re logged into Windows as a user with full admin rights, then reinstall the software directly from the installation files.
Sage Installation Error 1920Sage 50 Error Code 1920 is an installation error that appears when you are attempting to install the Sage 50 software on your server or system.
Sage installation error 1921Sage 50 Error 1921 is caused because the Software was installed on an unsupported device. If the User is working on a system and it is unsupported for Sage 50, the Software will not run smoothly and may get stuck or get malware.
Sage installation error 1923This is an installation error It is generated during the installation of software on the pc with the message “Sage error 1923: Sage data service could not be started”. Verify that you have sufficient rights.”
Sage installation error 1925The error message is displayed on the screen “You do not have sufficient rights to complete this installation. Log on as administrator and then retry this installation.”
Sage installation error 1935Sage 50 error 1935 appears while installing Sage 50. The error message displayed on the screen is that “1935 Can’t install assembly components during the installation of Sage 50”.
Sage installation error 5100Error code 5100 is a common error of the Microsoft.NET installer that can mean “Microsoft .NET installation failure”, which usually occurs when users are trying to install Sage 50 cloud accounts.
Sage installation error 6002Sage error code 6002 will occur on your screen with a message displaying that “Error 6002: Setup has experienced an error” while installing the Sage 50 software.

3 primary things users should check out

Before moving for any other solution as per Sage Installation Errors, you should verify these 3 basic things:

  1. System Requirements
  2. Windows Update
  3. Administrator Credentials

How to fix Sage installation errors?

First, you have to reboot the PC. Now follow the steps below to fix the Sage installation errors:

Method #1: Security settings, security software, or other apps that prevent the installation

  • You must deactivate the antivirus program on the system before proceeding with the installation process.
  • Confirm that you have disabled User Account Control (UAC), then here are the actions:
  • Tap on the window button
  • Select Control Panel in the list
  • Click on User Accounts then choose the option named Turn User Account Control on or Off
  • Select the tab that displays Use User Account Control (UAC)
  • Tap on the ok button
  • Restart the PC now for the change to take impact
  • This may need setting up a selective setup
  • Find Setup.exe and right-tap on it
  • Select Run as admin
  • Inspect Security Settings at Installation Folder Default Place
  • Now system with full control and click on each tab

Method #2: Test yourself using the right installer

Steps to check that you are using the right installer:

  • Make sure you are using the setup.exe option that arises in the install directory on the Sage version you are installing
  • Inspect the Place of the Setup File
  • Close the install wizard
  • Find the right directory
  • Double-tap on the install.exe file

Method #3: Check Windows User Rights

Steps to check Windows user rights:

  • Confirm that Active User is a Windows Local Admin
  • If it does not, then give local administrator rights to the user
  • If there is a domain network, then verify that the active user is both a domain and a local administrator
  • If not, then log in as an admin

Method #4: Check if there is an unsupported version of Actian or a pervasive system

Steps to check if there is an unsupported version of action:

  • Go to the control panel
  • Tap on the program and features
  • If found now uninstall comprehensive, it may occur Actian PSQL v12 Server Engine SP1
  • Inspect You can Install Comprehensive Programs in Sage

Method #5: Reinstall and Uninstall Extensively or Actian Zen

Steps to Reinstall and Uninstall Extensively or Actian Zen:

  • Find in the installation folder at C:\Sage\Sage50_[Version]
  • Discover program location and data location
  • Open the folder PeachtreeInstaller20xx with the actions provided beneath:
  • Tap on the folder tagged PervasiveMin
  • Tap on the Run SetupWorkgroup32_x86.exe
  • Select Next button
  • Accept the license contract now
  • Click on the Next button
  • Select the Run as Service tab and then tap on the Next option
  • Tap on Done and then press Next Tab
  • Select Install and then tap on the Finish button

Sage 50 installation issues when using a firewall and anti-virus

When a user tries to install Sage 50 but suddenly faces an installation issue due to a firewall this is might be because of a Network warning or an operating system warning.

This problem can be resolved by Enabling the port Exceptions to Windows and then using the IP Address of the primary system. Get complete details Here.

Sage 50 installation issues when upgrading

When you faced Sage 50 installation issues when upgrading the software might be due to one of the following reasons:

  • The hard drive may be damaged or have got a ‘bad sector’
  • The Server data path and the local data path are not match
  • The operating system cannot recognize where the program has been installed
  • The executable file is not run as an administrator

It problem can be resolved by performing the mentioned below solutions:

  • Set the Windows System to English
  • Restart the Pervasive/Actian Service on your Computer
  • Verify if the Data Path Matching with the Local Path


Lastly, you must follow the complete procedure to fix Sage installation errors. We have a team that has expert members who know how to deal with all your advertising messes, providing you with the best assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Sage on another computer?

Before you transfer Sage 50 Accounts to a new computer, you should check the following.
1. Check that your new computer meets the recommended system requirements.
2. Note your Serial Number, Activation Key, and if on subscription, your Account Number.
3. Note your data directory.
4. Check you’re logged on to your new computer as a Windows administrator.

How do I Uninstall and reinstall Sage?

Before removing your software, confirm that you can reinstall it. You can restore either from the CD or the download. Press Windows Key + R and then write Control Panel and click OK. Tap on Programs and Features then locate and right-tap on the version of Sage Accounts you want to remove and then click on Uninstall.

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