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Sage Pay Error 2003

Sage Pay Error 2003

What is Sage Pay Error 2003 & How to Fix It?

Sage is one of the most preferred accounting software that is developed to gear up the small and medium sized industries. The software is integrated with many features and tools that helps in smooth business management. Sage Pay is one of the feature that is used by the users.

It is primal self-reliant payment service-provider (PSP) in Europe. It is also one of the most trustworthy brands in terms of the PSP’s. Sage Pay, moreover; is a part of The Sage Group and is an FTSE 1000-listed accounting software company on a global level.

The company processes securely, over 4 billion payments online or over the phone and/or through the card machines. More than 50,000 businesses all over Europe depend on Sage to process card-payments securely. Sage Pay helps in preventing transactions which are fraudulent. The company is famed for its assurance that the payment process is safe and easy for the customer.

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage Pay Error 2003

2003 an error has occurred on the Sage Pay system

What is Sage Pay Error 2003?

Sage Pay Error indicates that there is some problem on the Protx System. If not resolved on the right time it might end up with hindering work process.

Why Use Sage Pay?

1. Security & Fraud Prevention: Payment security & fraud prevention are two of the major priorities of Sage Pay. Several businesses have already entrusted their security on Sage Pay due to the company’s fame of keeping customer-data secure.
2. High Quality Service: The transactions in the Sage Pay’s care are encrypted to the best global standards. Its payment systems are audited and monitored on a regular basis, by a world renown Qualified Security Assessors (QSA). Thus, customers can rest assured of flawless immaculate service.
3. Careful Inspection: Transactions which are processed using Sage Pay are very carefully inspected through powerful fraud-prevention tools. This is done to make your card details have been previously compromised somewhere else online or not or even to avert the illegal usage of a card by an unauthorized person.
4. Tailored to Justify Customer needs:  Sage Pay’s payment pages can be fully customized to match customer’s brand. Software can be integrated using a range of tools.
5. Get Paid Faster: Sage Pay enables user to receive funds into the business bank account within 2 working days. Thus user no longer has to wait for the usual 7+ days with the company’s competitors.
Like all Software, Sage Pay is also prone to error. Sage Pay Error 2003 is one such error which hinders work-flow.

Error Code

Sage Pay Error 2003
Sage Group
Error Description
Sage Pay Error 2003:

2003 an error has occurred on the Sage Pay system

SoftwareSage 50
Sage Pay Error indicates that there is some problem on the Protx System
Applies to:


Sage might end up with hindering work process
Possible Solution

try to to process the transaction again which might

Possible Causes for Sage Pay Error 2003?

Sage Pay Error 2003 occurs due to an authorization error.

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The Error is caused due to two major reasons:

  • If the allocation of terminal ID’s is incorrect, transactions cannot be processed via the account. This causes the error 2003 to be generated.
  • In case the Sage Pay system experiences one or another kind of authorization issues. the error message 2003 is displayed.

How to Fix The Sage Pay Error 2003?

To Solve Sage Pay Error 2003 try to process the transaction again, if it fails.

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Here are a few tips of how you can resolve this issue and fix this problem. Below are the recommended steps in the given sequence to receive positive results:

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Step One

    When you see this error message, it is always advisable to check the system monitor page in order to see if there are disruptions taking place during the transaction process.

  2. Step Two

    If the system monitor of Sage Pay page shows no disruption, please contact Sage Pay’s support team so that they can look into the user’s account and fix the issue.

  3. Step Three

    In case the error occurs, please try to to process the transaction again which might resolve the error.

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