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How to Tackle QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation

QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation Problems

QuickBooks is well-known accounting software for their services and features that has helped thousands of small-medium sized businessmen. One of them is an incredible feature is Reconciliation in QuickBooks that keep track of your transactions and managed with an accurate value. But, with time, Reconciliation Discrepancy in the QuickBooks application may affect the way or speed of your work.

This article discussed the Reconciliation Discrepancy in QuickBooks software its causes, and solutions. If you find any difficulty in between you can contact the QuickBooks professionals. Contact details are mentioned beneath the article.

What do you know about QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation?

Reconciliation is an accounting process that is mainly used for the comparison between financial records. It worked as when the transactions added by the user are similar to your bank or credit card report of the organization. This process should be done on the regular basis to maintain the conspiracy in the accounting records.

This process helps to verify the following points:

  • All the transaction including payments, deposit, and bank charges are noted in the QuickBooks
  • All the transactions that you have done in the QuickBooks software bank register comprised the ending balance, similar to the original bank account in this way you can stay away from the Bank Reconciliation problems.

The users of the QuickBooks software immensely benefit from the QuickBooks features which are notable as the best in the class accurate choice you have for the management of the financial requirements and calculations associated with your business. The software is ideal for those who run a small or medium business and this can ensure that you have complete control over the working of your company. However technical errors are not completely avoidable and there are various types of trouble that you can face while you are working with the software. One such trouble is the errors and problems associated with bank reconciliation.

What is QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation?

One of the major troubles that the users of QuickBooks users face is the trouble of bank reconciliation. The users of QuickBooks often say that they are having trouble when they tried to reconcile the bank account after several years of using the software. This trouble occurs when they have issues with troubles created by previous employees. Even if the reconciliation has not been done for years, the data show that the reconciling has done and there are many reconciled items on the list.

How can you calibrate the causes of QuickBooks Reconciliation Problems?

The causes you need to know the roots of the problem, you get the right causes here that are mentioned-below. Read and understand for the following:

  • Maybe you have typed the incorrect or inappropriate payment date
  • Maybe you have done the un-reconciled transaction. Transactions have been done in the correct way play a significant role and make sure that there are no checks left along with the pending payments
  • It can be due to the irrelevant bank reconciliation. A strict operation must be executed to believe that unexpected bank reconciliation statements have not existed in the operating system
  • Missing check reports can cause the problem in QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation
  • Maybe you modify, remove, or added the transactions that lead to the QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation error

How to fix QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation Problems?

You can fix the problem if you follow and implement each step of the solution perfectly. Readout carefully all the solutions and find your way.

Solution 1: For a change, removed or added a transaction

Multiple reports in QuickBooks assist you to detect the discrepancies and filtered the Bank Reconciliation problem simultaneously.

A. Reconciliation Discrepancy Report:

This report shows the transactions with the correct statement date that changed previously when you process the reconciliation

  • You need to select the option Banking from the Reports and Reconciliation Discrepancy
  • Then, select the right account and tap on the OK
  • After that, proofread the report and find out any discrepancies if persists.

B. Missing Checks Report:

This report helps to confirm the lost transactions

  • You need to choose the Banking option under the Reports menu and tap on the Missing Checks
  • Select the valid account and tap on the OK
  • Check out the report carefully and find out if any transaction mismatch with your bank statement.

C. Run the Transaction Detail Report

  • Go to the Reports menu in QuickBooks
  • Select the Customer Reports further
  • Then click on the Transaction Detail
  • In the Detail tab
  • Go to the Date Form field and choose the date or leave it blank
  • In the field of Date To, select the date of last reconciliation
  • Click on the Filters option
  • In the field of Account, mention the amount you are reconciling
  • In the Entered or Last Modified field, you have to set the Date from to the date of last reconciliation. Also, set the Date to field to the today’s date in it
  • Click on the Ok button and run the report
  • Check for the transactions that won’t match the bank statements
  • Edit the transaction as per requirement.

Solution 2: Reconciliation arrangement

Reconciliation adjustment may be occurred due to the last forced reconciliation that causes the QuickBooks Reconciliation Problems. Additionally, you have to check the Reconciliation Discrepancy account if you made any incorrect adjustments.

  • You need to choose the Chart of Accounts from the Lists menu
  • Then, you have to click two times simultaneously on the Reconciliation Discrepancies account
  • At last, you need to pick up the relevant filter from the Dates section.

Solution 3: Solve the beginning balance warning

This warning usually viewed by the user when:

  • When a transaction value or date has to be changed in the correct digits
  • If your previous transaction is not reconciled
  • When you reconcile your transaction last time then maybe due to an error it creates a problem
  • When you delete the transaction erroneously or for some other reason.

Update the transactions so you can easily resolve the error. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • You need to choose the correct link when you get the Beginning Balance Discrepancy warning and then open the Discrepancy Report
  • Then, make sure you navigate the transactions that the report has detected.

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Depend on the type of transaction that has listed in the report then you need to solve the transaction as listed below:

  • Required to be edited: You need to change the necessary settings in the account or value information
  • Unreconciled: Modify the position to the reconciliation in the status column
  • Reconciled in error: Modify the reconciliation status in to cleared or none
  • Deleted: You need to create the deleted transaction again, then navigate in the View Register and choose the status column and wait until it changes the mark into reconciled, after that open the Reconcile page again. If you get the discrepancy warning again, that you need to choose the link and confirm that the removed transaction existed still in the report but the difference that you create show the amount of the recreated and reconciled transaction
  • Then you need to save the changes that you have made in the transaction. while every fix, the transaction fade away from the discrepancy report and the difference is approx to $0.00
  • Then, you need to manage the other transactions when the difference is not equal to the $0.00. When it reaches $0.00 then your bank statement match with the beginning balance in QuickBooks Online
  • At the end of the process, you need to opt for the Resume Reconciling.

Solution 4: Different number of transactions

You have to compare the sum of the number of transactions on the table where the similar number of transactions added in a queue on your bank statement and you need to do this on the Reconcile page. Follow the below steps for the comparison:

  • On the Reconcile page, you need to choose the Transaction Type. The button has highlighted as Payments and Deposits for your bank accounts. For credit card accounts, you find the button highlighted as Charges and Payments
  • Then, you need to write down the number of transactions that have picked up and cleared for every kind of transaction
  • In the last step, you need to compare each of those with your bank statements.


QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation provides you unlimited benefits but when it creates an issue it becomes tricky to solve the issues. But this article provides you detailed structure about the causes and solutions for reconciliation problems. You need to detect your problem from the causes and implement the solution accordingly. If you faced any problem while performing then you need to take some measures. You can leave your query in the live chat as well.


  1. What is an important point for resolving the QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation problems?

    If you are unable to detect the transactions in the register that you recently fixed then you need to undo the present reconciliation until the opening balance fixed.

  2. What are the key points for the Bank Reconciliation process?

    You need to take a backup of your QuickBooks Company file; secondly, you have to do the correct beginning balance for the bank or credit card account and lastly, you need to add the unclear transactions for the stated time.

  3. How can I reconcile in QuickBooks after fixing QuickBooks bank Reconciliation problems?

    1. In QuickBooks, click on Gear icon
    2. Then select the Tools option
    3. After that, click on the Reconcile option
    4. In this, you have to select the account you want to reconcile from the Accounts field
    5. Mention the Ending Balance and the Ending Date correctly
    6. These details are based on your bank statements
    7. Now, match all the transactions to your bank statement one by another
    8. To find transactions easily, you can also use filters
    9. You have to do it until you get the difference of Zero and you get the success Page
    10. After this, you are done with reconciliation.

  4. Can I undo a reconcile transaction to fix QuickBooks bank Reconciliation problems?

    Yes, you can undo a reconcile transaction using the following steps below:-

    1. In QuickBooks, click on Accounting menu
    2. Then select the Chart of Accounts option
    3. Now, find the account with that transaction
    4. Then, click on the View Register option
    5. You have to select the transaction 
    6. By selecting it expand the view of the transaction
    7. Review the column of tick mark that the transaction is reconciled or not
    8. If it is reconciles then it shows you R written in front of it
    9. Click on the tick mark box to change the letter in the box
    10. You have to select it again and again by clicking on it until it got blank
    11. After this the transaction is removed from reconciliation
    12. Click on the Save button 
    13. Then close the Account Register.

  5. If there is an error in reconciliation and I have to make an adjustment to fix QuickBooks bank Reconciliation problems then how to do it?

    To fix the error the steps for making an adjustment are as follows:-

    1. In the Accounting menu of QuickBooks
    2. Select the option Reconcile
    3. You have to reconcile your account
    4. Then review everything  for the errors 
    5. Then click on Start reconciling
    6. Then click on Finish Now
    7. After that, click on the Done button.

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