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Unrecoverable Error in QuickBooks Payments

Unrecoverable Error in QuickBooks Payments

What Is Unrecoverable Error in Quickbooks Payments? & How to Fix It

If you are a small or medium business owner, you must be using the Payments feature of QuickBooks to speed up the process of sending invoices to your clients and then getting payments for the services offered by you or products sold by you. QuickBooks has in the recent past has released many updates or made major changes to help you enjoy the Payment feature of QuickBooks for the success of your business.

These changes and updates enable businesses to create invoices and send the generated invoices to their customers via e-mail along with a ‘Pay Now’ link. By clicking on this ‘Pay Now’ link the clients can make payments in a fast and easy way.

This has benefited both the business owner and his clients. In addition to this, owners of small or medium businesses can get the record of their credit card and debit card transactions using the QuickBooks Payments feature. The QuickBooks Payments feature is a part of QuickBooks online accounting software.

What is this Unrecoverable Error in QuickBooks Payments

If you are using the QuickBooks Payments feature to smoother the processing of payments or installments in the desktop version of your QuickBooks accounting software, you might sometimes face an unrecoverable error. This unrecoverable message will be displayed on its own while using the QuickBooks payments feature and then the accounting software will simply crash.

This unrecoverable error generally pops up when you are using the Banking menu in QuickBooks to process payments. From the Banking menu, when you go to Make Merchant Service Deposits, and then to your QuickBooks Payments account, you might face this unrecoverable error message in a window. This Unrecoverable Error message might be prompted many times. This can be quite a frustrating experience for you when you are trying to clear pending payments using the QuickBooks Payments service. The only resolution for it is to fix it.

Causes of QuickBooks Unrecoverable error

The following are the reasons why QuickBooks causes unrecoverable errors in QuickBooks:

  • Data integrity issue with company file.
  • Due to the corrupted QuickBooks component.
  • Outage of power supply.

QuickBooks Error 2107

How to get rid of Unrecoverable Error in QuickBooks Payments

There is not any such dedicated support service deployed by Intuit to address this problem faced by QuickBooks accounting software users. No doubt that you can contact QuickBooks experts to get instant assistance, but this might be quite a time-consuming process for some of the business owners for whom time is very valuable.

Therefore, we are going to discuss here some simple resolution methods following which you can resolve the QuickBooks Payments unrecoverable errors on your own. We are going to present here some different methods to resolve the issue as the resolution steps vary according to the situation.

We suggest you do these steps in the same order as they are given below:

Method 1: Make Sure You’re Using Latest Version of Internet Explorer

First of all, you have to make sure that you are using the latest version of Internet Explorer in your system for web browsing. The latest version of Internet Explorer is Internet Explorer 11. This you have to do because Intuit has stopped supporting older versions of Internet Explorer.

You would not be asked to check this during the installation of the QuickBooks Desktop version on your system, but when you contact the support service center of QuickBooks they generally ask you to make sure that you are using the Internet Explorer version 11 on your system.

QuickBooks Error 15240

Once it is ensured by you that you are using the latest version of Internet Explorer, you need to clear your browsing history and cache from the browser. It hardly takes a minute. If you are unable to resolve the issue of the Unrecoverable Error message in QuickBooks Payments using this method, proceed to the second method.

Method 2: Restore IE 11 Advance Settings

In the second method, you need to go to the Advanced tab of Internet Options in the latest version of Internet Explorer 11, and then click on the Restore advanced settings option. Though this step is recommended by the support staff of Intuit it does not guarantee that your issue will be resolved. If this is the case, move to the third method of resolution.

Method 3: Use Rebuild Data Function

This method involves using the Rebuild Data function from the Edit/Utility menu. If you are using QuickBooks desktop to store information related to your credit card or social security number then this method is not recommended for you. If the issue persists, move to the fourth method to resolve the unrecoverable error issue in QuickBooks Payments.

Method 4: Repair QuickBooks Program

In this method, you would have to repair the QuickBooks program on your own. In around 90% of the cases, adopting this method has resolved the issue. To do so, go to the QuickBooks program in the Programs and Features section of the Windows Control Panel. Click or tap on the Uninstall/Change link, and then select the option that says Repair.

The process of repairing will begin and the features and settings of many of the programs will be changed. This method of resolving the unrecoverable error issue in QuickBooks Payments will take more time than the previously discussed resolution methods. During this resolution method, you might come across many error messages being displayed on your computer screen. You need to just ignore those messages and continue with the process.

QuickBooks Error “The attempt to log in with the user name (Admin) failed”

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