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Sage 50 Payroll Crashes When Running Reports

Sage 50 Payroll Crashes When Running Reports

Sage 50 payroll can crash when there is an issue with the software, such as an update or patch that has been installed, or if the software isn’t compatible with the operating system. It can also crash due to problems with the computer system, such as an outdated or damaged driver, or if the computer is running out of memory.

Finally, it can crash due to conflicts between the software and other programs running on the computer.


  • The program is freezing while opening a report and the computer hangs
  • The program crashes while opening a report and furnishes an error message
  • Reports are taking a longer duration, than usual, to open
  • Custom reports are the only ones getting affected

Causes of Sage 50 Payroll Crashes When Running Reports

  • The action database might not have been updated correctly
  • There’s a mismatch Actian database 
  • Damaged report files
  • Damaged RPTDATAI.DAT file
  • Damaged Windows profile (including accidental changes and crashes)
  • Files are locked by the security software(anti-Virus)
  • Damaged data folder
  • Too many apps running simultaneously
  • Other driver-related issues 
  • Issues concerning the operating system
  • Ram size is too less 
  • Interference by the firewall or the security software of the system

Steps to Resolve Sage 50 Payroll Crashes When Running Reports

Section I: Damaged Reports Folder

  1. Close Sage 50—U.S. Edition.
  2. Browse your data path; refer to Article ID 10165 for further instructions: How to find data path and program path.
  3. Right-click on Reports, and then select Rename.
  4. Rename the folder to OLD Reports.
  5. Download a relevant replacement copy of the folder in the Attachments section, and then place it in your data path.
  6. If your version of the program is not listed in the Attachments section, run Repair. See Article ID 10602 for further instructions: How to run Repair.

Section II: Damaged RPTDATAI.DAT

Follow Article ID 10250 for any issue related to RPTDATAI.DAT: Missing standard or pre-defined reports.

Section III: Damaged Database Engine

  1. Try Uninstalling and reinstalling the Actian database engine. See Article ID 11814 for the process: How to completely remove and reinstall Pervasive/Actian.
  2. Open the program and confirm that the issue is resolved.

Section IV: Custom Reports

Try Deleting the custom report and recreating the reports.

Section V: Run the program as an administrator

Running the program as an administrator can often solve the underlying issues. Follow Article ID 15177: How can I make the program run as administrator by default?.

Section VI: Damaged windows profile

The optimal windows configuration might happen to be disturbed because of some prior changes. In such a case, try logging into the computer using a different windows administrator profile or create a new one and try running the report. Try changing the machine or the registered network you are using. Contact your Network Administrator for assistance.

Section VII: Windows 10

Try increasing the DPI (display resolution) settings to 100%; follow Article ID 10718: How to change dots-per-Inch (DPI) settings and screen resolution.

Section VIII: Disable security software

Sometimes due to the default configuration in the security software, much permission that a third-party software requires (such as accessing the files or images in the system or connecting to the internet) is compromised. 

  1. Identify any other security software in the system and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to temporarily disable the software (sometimes the Anti-virus software does not permit third-party software from accessing the system).
  2. If disabling the security software does not fix the problem, try uninstalling it and then running the Sage-50 program or contact your local IT support professional for further assistance.


What can cause Sage 50 Payroll to crash?

There can be various reasons, including but not limited to corrupt data files, incorrect settings, damaged or missing files, outdated software, insufficient memory, virus or malware infection, and more. It is important to troubleshoot the issue thoroughly to determine the exact cause.

How can I prevent Sage 50 Payroll from crashing?

There are a few steps you can take to help prevent Sage 50 Payroll from crashing: regularly back up your data; keep your system and Sage 50 Payroll up-to-date; avoid running too many applications simultaneously; and perform regular maintenance on your computer. Additionally, you can scan your system for viruses and malware to make sure your system is secure. 

If the crash issue still persists, contact Sage 50 support for assistance.

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