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QuickBooks Error Code 6210

QuickBooks Error Code 6210

What is Error Code 6210 in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Error 6210 is a multi-user mode error that is mostly seen when QB download is corrupt. Damaged data of company files and unintentional deletion of QB files can also lead to such issues. There are tools named QuickBooks File Doctor or Clean Install offered by Intuit that help you to rectify the error code 6210.    

  • Error: QuickBooks Error Code 6210
  • Error Message: We’re sorry. QuickBooks encountered a problem when opening the company file
  • Review this helpful article on the QuickBooks support site to resolve the issue [Error Codes : (-6210, 0)]
QuickBooks Error 6210

QuickBooks Error Code 6210 can occur because of incorrect server information and damaged files: company files, location files, or program files. These files are essential for QuickBooks to quickly and easily launch your accounting data. However, when the software cannot connect properly with the company file the software automatically crashes and shuts down. You may also get the message, “A computer that is not the server is hosting the company file” even if you’ve launched the file on the server computer.

Fixing QuickBooks Error Code 6210 may require you to work with the directory files and the database server manager and also to correctly map the company file location so that you don’t get the error based on problems with the location of the company file. Further, we may have to check for basic network and internet issues and also scan the company file using the database server manager already present on your server computer. In the end, we will also check if the company file is working properly by launching a sample company file and by verifying and rebuilding your accounting data.

In this post, you’ll learn how to fix QuickBooks Error Code 6210.

About QuickBooks Error Code 6210

Error Code:Error 6210Developer:Intuit Inc.
Error Description:We’re sorry. QuickBooks encountered a problem when opening the company file.Software:QuickBooks
Cause:The installation of QuickBooks is corrupted., The Windows registry is also corrupted or damaged.Applies to:Windows 10, and 11
Symptoms:QuickBooks Desktop won’t respond or work, Windows operating system has frozenPossible Solution:Rename ND and TLG files, Run the QuickBooks Database Server Manager,

Causes of QuickBooks Error code 6210

Below are the various reasons you would experience in the case of QuickBooks error code 6120:

  • The installation of QuickBooks is corrupted.
  • Windows registry is also corrupted or damaged.
  • Attack of malware or virus
  • Maybe some company files are corrupted.
  • Mistakenly deleted the QuickBooks-related file.
  • Damaged or corrupted QuickBooks-related files.
  • The error occurs when you make QuickBooks-related software changes.

The list of Operating Systems that encounter QuickBooks Error Code 6210 

There are a couple of operating systems in which QuickBooks Error Code 6210 might occur. Here is the list of them. Let’s check out without any ado: 

  1. MS Windows 7
  2. MS Windows 8
  3. MS Windows 10
  4. Windows 11

How to Spot QuickBooks Error Code 6210?

You can detect the QuickBooks Error Code 6210 with the help of the following signs and symptoms. Here’s how: 

  1. If an active program window crashes then you might experience QuickBooks Error Code 6210.
  2. The system might crash while running the same program.
  3. If QuickBooks stops working suddenly for a while.
  4. This error can come across while accessing the company file. 
  5. This error code may also pop up on your screen when the windows run sluggishly and do not respond on time. 
  6. In case your system freezes for a few seconds at regular intervals, you will most probably end up with QuickBooks Error Code 6210. 

Instructions to follow before troubleshooting QuickBooks Error Code 6210 

  1. Make sure that the multi-user mode that is hosting the company file should be enabled on QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Before moving to the solution part, a user is required to Update QuickBooks Desktop with the latest updates available. 
  3. You need to scan your computer with anti-virus and anti-malware to remove all the infections from your computer. 
    Note: You can also use the inbuilt Windows security feature i.e. Windows Defender to scan your system for infections. 
  4. Verify that the computer that is hosting the company file is the primary server, not a regular or average workstation in the network. 
  5. Before accessing the company file in multi-user mode, you must turn off the Windows firewall or any third-party firewall.

Things you need to consider before proceeding to resolve this issue

  • The user needs to make sure that the hosting is turned ON. This can be done by pressing the F2 key and then finding the local server data. 
  • The user has to rename ND and TLG files and run the database server manager from the QuickBooks Tool Hub

Quick Resolution to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6210

This error can be very much annoying but the best part is that it comes with a bunch of fixation methods that will surely help you to get rid of QuickBooks Error Code 6210. But before moving further, it’s necessary to identify all the causes so that you don’t have to encounter any interruptions in the meantime. Let’s get started:

Solution 1: Download & run the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

QuickBooks plays an essential role in correcting the QuickBooks Error 6210 if the error occurring cause is directly related to the company file data damage then it should be quickly repaired or restored and doing so will improve network issues. QuickBooks File Doctor is the best tool to fix the problems related to the 6000 error series. So, let’s check out the steps provided below: 

  1. First of all, you have to download the QuickBooks Tool Hub and press the Ctrl + J keys together to switch to the downloads.
  2. Under the downloads list, click on the QuickBooksToolsHub.exe.
  3. After this, tap on Yes to allow the app to make changes.
  4. Now, hit the Next tab and install it.
  5. You are required to click Yes to accept the license agreement. 
  6. Once the installation is complete, hit the Finish tab.
  7. When it’s over, open the QuickBooks tool hub.
  8. Under the company file issues, hit click to run QuickBooks File Doctor.

Solution 2: Rename the .ND and .TLG Files (while using single-user mode)

Editing the .ND and .TLG files in a single-user mode are known as the best approach to get rid of QuickBooks Error Code 6210. The steps involved in this section are as follows: 

  1. To begin with, open Windows File Manager and navigate to the folder containing QuickBooks installation Directory.
  2. Now, locate the corresponding company file .ND and .TLG extensions.
  3. Make a right-click on the .ND file and then select the rename option.
  4. After that, you need to add .OLD at the end of the extensions. 
  5. You are supposed to perform the same steps for the .TLG file and also rename it. 
  6. Once you are done with that, you have to create a new folder on the desktop, and then move the QuickBooks Files from the installation folder to the newly created folder. 
  7. Lastly, start the QuickBooks desktop and access the company file from the newly created folder. 

If the QuickBooks Desktop Error Code 6210 persists then you can try the same process if you are using the multi-user mode.

Solution 3: Copy the QuickBooks Company Files to the Desktop

To prevent QuickBooks Error Code 6210, you have the option to copy the QuickBooks Company Files to the desktop. All the steps are here to do so: 

  1. The very first step is to right-click on the desktop and choose the New Folder option.
  2. Next, head to the current company file location.
  3. Tap on the Company file and then select the copy option.
  4. After that, hold and press the Ctrl + V keys together on your keyboard to open the New Folder and paste the selected files here.
  5. When all set, press the CTRL key until the No Company open window appears on the screen.
  6. Furthermore, you need to click on the Open or Restore an Existing Company option.
  7. Now you have to select Open a Company file and press the Next button.
  8. Then, browse to the desktop file, and save it into the newly created folder.
  9. In the end, hit open and check if the file is opening or not.

Solution 4: Disable the Antivirus and Anti Malware Software

The interference of third-party security applications usually provokes some unexpected errors in QuickBooks Software. This prevents the software from operating properly. This security software might pose a threat to the company files and result in inaccessibility or complete loss of financial data. You are recommended to verify the virus vault to understand which files are quarantined and then remove them. So, it’s better to turn off the antivirus program while using the QuickBooks Software if you don’t want to experience QuickBooks Error 6210. Let’s perform the actions inclined below: 

  1. Click Start and type Windows Security to search for that particular app.
  2. Now, you have to choose the Windows Security app from the search results.
  3. Go to the Virus and Threat Protection and select Manage Settings under Virus & Threat Protection settings.
  4. Then, switch Real-time protection to Off. Remember that scheduled scans will continue to run. However, the files that are downloaded or installed won’t be scanned until the next scheduled scan.

Solution 5: Update QuickBooks Desktop 

Another method to update QuickBooks Desktop must be followed to rectify QuickBooks Error Code 6210. Follow the steps enlisted below: 

  1. In the beginning, you need to open the QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Next, go to the Help menu and select the QuickBooks Update option.
  3. Then, press the Update Now tab in the top right corner. 
  4. Choose the Reset Updates option and then tap on Get Updates.
  5. Once the updating process is completed, turn off the QuickBooks software. 

Solution 6: Launch the QuickBooks Database server manager 

QuickBooks Error Code 6210 can be easily resolved by Installing or running the QuickBooks Database server manager. You are required to go through the steps given below: 

  1. You need to download the QuickBooks Tool Hub and then hold or press the Ctrl + J keys together on your screen to visit the Downloads. 
  2. Under the downloads list, tap on the QuickBooksToolHub.exe.
  3. Now, click Yes and Allow this app to make changes.
  4. Hit Next to install it and then press Yes for accepting the license agreement.
  5. Then, select the Finish tab.
  6. After that, open the tools hub program.
  7. The last step is to QuickBooks Database server manager under the network issues.

Scanning the Company File location 

  1. You would have to hover over the scan folders tab.
  2. Tap on Browse and choose the folder that stores the company file.
  3. Eventually, press the OK button and hit the Start scan tab. 

Solution 7: Restore your QuickBooks Backup files

If QuickBooks Error Code 6210 still pops up on your screen then there are some issues with the company files (.QBW). To eliminate this error, it is preferable to restore the most recent backup. Here’s how:

  1. QuickBooks Desktop needs to be closed in the first place.
  2. Next, hold down the Ctrl key until the No Company Open Window is displayed on the screen.
  3. Now, you need to tap on open or restore an existing company to proceed.
  4. After selecting Restore a backup copy, press Next.
  5. In the end, follow the on-screen instructions for restoring the most recent backup.
  6. Open QuickBooks and access the file to check if the QuickBooks Error Code 6210 got resolved or not. 

Solution 8: Install and use the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

The damaged or corrupted QuickBooks functions can be the primary reason for throwing the errors in the QuickBooks Company File. QuickBooks Clean Install Tool helps to remove the damaged or corrupt parts and allows do complete re-installation of QuickBooks Desktop without confronting QuickBooks Error Code 6210. Let’s have a look at the underneath steps: 

  1. Uninstall QuickBooks Software
  2. Use QuickBooks Clean Install Tool for Windows
  3. Re-install the QuickBooks software in the system.

Step 1: Un-install the QuickBooks Software

  1. Firstly, you have to click on the Windows + R keys on your keyboard to open the RUN command box, write Control Panel in the search bar, and press OK.
  2. Next, navigate to the Programs and Features option and choose to Uninstall a program option.
  3. From the list of all the software, click on QuickBooks Desktop and click Uninstall.
  4. You are required to follow the on-screen prompts. 

Step 2: Use QuickBooks Clean Install for Windows 

  1. Initially, download QuickBooks Tools Hub from the official Intuit Website.
  2. Head to the File location where the download is saved and then adhere to the prompts appearing on the screen. 
  3. Hit the “I accept” button to complete the installation process and you are ready to open the QuickBooks Tools Hub from the desktop. 
  4. The next step is to tap on Clean Install Tool after selecting installation issues.  

Step 3: Re-install the QuickBooks software in the system 

  1. Insert the QuickBooks installation CD on your CD drive and follow the instructions appearing on your screen.
  2. Once the accounting software is installed on your system, enter the product and license number for your copy of the software. 
  3. After furnishing the details, you are supposed to check out the on-screen prompts to get the re-installation completed. 

Solution 9: Repair the QuickBooks Error Code 6210 manually

Some other methods will assist you in checking off QuickBooks Error Code 6210. So, you just have to follow the step-by-step guide:  

  1. First, click on the Start option. 
  2. In the Search bar, you need to enter Command and then avoid pressing the Enter key.
  3. The next step is to press and hold the Ctrl + Shift keys simultaneously and hit the Enter key.
  4. Once you are done with this, you will see a permission dialog box and click Yes.
  5. After that,  the black box will be displayed on your screen with the blinking cursor. 
  6. Now, you have to type in Regedit and tap on the Enter key.
  7. Under the Registry editor, you need to select the error concerned key. 
  8. To save the QuickBooks backup key, you have to visit the save in the list and then tap on the Folder to save. 
  9. Moving ahead, you have to fill in the name of the Backup File.
  10. Make sure that you have ticked the option selected branch in the Export Range box.
  11. Then, click on Save and save the file with the .reg file extension.
  12. Finally, you need to ensure that you have a backup of QuickBooks-associated registry entries.

Advanced Steps to Fix The Quickbooks Error Code 6210

We have provided various procedures below to resolve QuickBooks error code 6120:

💠 Run The Quickbooks File Doctor
💠 Rename ND and TLG files
💠 Run the QuickBooks Database Server Manager
💠 Disable antivirus malware software
💠 Download and Run the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool
💠 Open the company file locally
💠 Close all QuickBooks processes

Below, we will discuss the solution steps to fix QuickBooks Error code 6210:

Step 1: Run The Quickbooks File Doctor

Run The Quickbooks File Doctor

Run the QuickBooks File Doctor. This is one of the best ways to resolve this error

💠 In the first step, go to the QuickBooks tool hub 
💠 Then, you have to choose the Company File issues 
💠 Click on the Run QuickBooks File Doctor 
💠 Then, you have to choose that specific company file from the drop-menu options 
💠 Now, you have to check the file and click on the Continue button 
💠 It will automatically find and correct all error issues 

Step 2: Rename ND and TLG files

Rename ND and TLG files

To fix this error, the user has to rename ND and TLG files. Before implementing the troubleshooting steps, the user has to make sure that the system works in single-user mode:

💠 Firstly, open the folder in which you save the Quickbooks Installation Directory 
💠 Then, open the file 
💠 Now, you have to look for other Network Data and Transaction log files 
💠 Hit the right-click on it and then select the Rename option 
💠 Now, you have to add OLD  at the last of the extension filename
💠 Perform the same steps for the TLG file in the same way 
💠 After this, the user has to create a new folder and then transfer the QuickBooks files to the new folder.
💠 Once you have been done then start your QuickBooks to open the company file that is saved in the new folder.

Step 3: Run the QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Run the QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Another way to fix the error is to run the QuickBooks Database Server Manager with the following steps

💠 The first step is to locate the network issues in the tool hub 
💠 Then, you have to select the QuickBooks database server manager. Then the user needs to install the QuickBooks on the server in any case if pre-installed. 
💠 The step is to choose the Start scan option inside the QuickBooks database server manager. In another case, if the company file is spotted. In another, the user is unable to find the company file that browses the location of the company file. Hit the click on the Start scan option.
💠 After this, the user is required to view the QuickBooks software and then move forward to sign in to the company file again
💠 In another case, it creates the network data files on the server to enable the company files to access them from the varied workstations 
💠 Firstly, you have to rename the ND and TLG files by hitting the right-click on the company file
💠 Press the Windows + R key together 
💠 Then, you have to insert a service. MSC the Run-box
💠 Press the Enter key and then view the QuickBooks Database Server Manager service
💠 Hit the right-click on the Restart service 
💠 Once you have been done, check and verify whether the service starts running accurately and if the QuickBooks issue is resolved or not.

Step 4: Disable antivirus malware software

Disable antivirus malware software

Sometimes an issue appears by any third-party software then disables antivirus malware software.

Now and again it has been seen that the third-party security application causes some surprising errors in QuickBooks Desktop and hence keeps it from working appropriately. Truth be told, they may present a danger to the organization’s documents and you probably won’t have the option to get your monetary information when the error happens. 

Step 5: Download and Run the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

Download and Run the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

💠 Before resolving any issue, the user has to create a backup rest file to prevent any loss
💠 Firstly, you have to download the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool
💠 Hit the double-click on the downloaded file
💠 Agree with the license agreement 
💠 Then, choose the QuickBooks version and hit the OK button 
💠 Now, you are all set to reinstall the QuickBooks and you are all resolved with this issue.

Step 6: Open the company file locally

Open the company file locally

You can easily fix this error just by opening the company file locally 

💠 First of all, open the folder having the company file 
💠 Then, you have to choose the file with the extension of the QBW company file
💠 Hit the right-click on the file and then select the Copy option
💠 After this, you have to locate the Desktop and then hit double-click on it
💠 From the drop-menu options, you have to choose the Paste option
💠 Press the Control key and then open QuickBooks which will straightforwardly to the No Company Open Window
💠 After following all the above steps, the user needs to end the process. Users also have the choice to restore an existing company file.

Step 7: Close all QuickBooks processes

Close all QuickBooks processes

If all the above solutions are unable to resolve the error, then you have to close all QuickBooks processes

💠 Initially, you have to log in as an Administrator on the server system 
💠 Press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc key simultaneously to view the Task Manager 
Hit the next click on the Users tab 
💠 Move forward with displayed guidelines until the processing is not completed 
💠 Then, the last step is to check and ensure the company file in the multi-user mode


  1. What does QuickBooks Error Code 6210 mean?

    QuickBooks Error 6210 usually appears when your system is not working properly. Before trying to open the company file, ensure your system settings. This also happens when you work in multi-user mode.

  2. What is the quickest way to resolve the QuickBooks Error code 6210?

    The quickest way to resolve this error is to disable the antivirus software because any third-party software or anti-virus software hinders the correct functioning of QuickBooks. Due to this unexpected errors will appear on your screen including this error code. To avoid these types of errors, delete all unnecessary files.

  3. What are the causes of QuickBooks Error 6210?

    There are many reasons behind this error. Before trying to find a suitable solution, know all the causes behind it such as corrupted QuickBooks Downloaded file, damaged window registry, corrupted QuickBooks installation, Malware/virus infection, damaged window system files, or any other corrupted QuickBooks-related program files. A program that has mistakenly been deleted is also the major reason behind this error.

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