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QuickBooks Payroll Error PS077 or PS032 Solutions

QuickBooks Payroll Error PS077 or PS032

The QuickBooks PS077 or PS032 is an error linked to payroll updates. It arises during the installation of tax table updates. This issue can stem from update-related glitches or misconfigurations. When users encounter this error, QuickBooks displays an error message indicating difficulty in reading the payroll setup files. It potentially leaves the payroll feature dysfunctional.

To troubleshoot the issue ensure a proper download of updates and enable QuickBooks to read files accurately and resolve the error and its associated message. Encountering errors like PS077 or PS032 during QuickBooks payroll updates is common. These errors may disturb the update process. Here’s a detailed guide on understanding and resolving QuickBooks Payroll Error PS077 or Error PS032 for smooth payroll updates. 

Quick Overview of QuickBooks Payroll Error PS077 or PS032

Error Code:Error PS077 or PS032Developer:Intuit Inc.
Error Description:[Error PS032] QuickBooks can not read your payroll setup files
[Error PS077] While downloading payroll updates. A user has not registered the QuickBooks software or the company file is damaged or corrupted.
Symptoms:The error message popping up on the screen can be a clear indication of this error.Applies to:Windows 10 and 11
Cause:You may have this problem if the tax table file is corrupted or contains an invalid one in the components/payroll folder.Solution:You will need to uninstall existing and additional Installations.

Sign and Symptoms of QuickBooks Payroll Error PS077 or PS032

Below are the mentioned possible signs and symptoms of QuickBooks Payroll Error PS077 or PS032:

  1. As a result of this error, you will not be able to download payroll updates.
  2. Another indication of PS032 or PS077 could be that the tax table fails to update or gets stuck in the middle of the process.
  3. The error message popping up on the screen can be a clear indication of this error.
  4. Additionally, system freezes could be another easy indicator of these payroll errors.

Causes of QuickBooks payroll error PS077 or PS032:

Below are the mentioned possible causes of QuickBooks Payroll Error PS077 or PS032:

  1. QuickBooks is struggling to read the registered software information.
  2. Incorrect billing information in your records.
  3. Damage to tax table files within QuickBooks Payroll or its components.
  4. Outdated or inaccurate billing details.
  5. Potential damage or corruption in QuickBooks company files.
  6. Please register your QuickBooks software.

Things to Consider Before Resolving the QuickBooks Payroll Error PS077 or PS032

Here are the mentioned some important things to keep in mind before resolving the QuickBooks Payroll Error PS077 or PS032:

  1. You will need to verify your QuickBooks Payroll subscription before using the reconciliation steps.
  2. After that, you must verify that the information given in the payroll account is correct and appropriate.
  3. Then you have to do the important task of updating your QuickBooks to its latest release
  4. After that, you have to verify that there is only one QuickBooks application installed in your system.
  5. Along with this, you have to try to improve the QuickBooks desktop application to avoid any kind of complication.
  6. Most importantly, it is suggested that you back up your QuickBooks company file before using the suggested steps.

How to Resolve the QuickBooks payroll update error PS032 or PS077:

Below are the mentioned possible Solutions for QuickBooks Payroll Error PS077 or PS032, follow the solutions carefully:

Solution 1: Disable UAC on Windows:

The PS077 or PS032 error often occurs from QuickBooks issues. If Windows is contributing to the problem then disabling User Account Control (UAC) might help. Here’s how:

  1. Press the “Windows” key on your keyboard.
  2. Access “Control Panel.”
  3. Search for “UAC” and navigate to “Change User Account Settings.”
  4. Click “Yes.”
  5. Disable “User Account Control” by moving the slider and selecting “Never Notify.”
  6. Add your details if prompted as the admin user.
  7. Exit and restart QuickBooks.
  8. Check if the QuickBooks payroll error PS077 or PS032 continues.

Updating the service after these steps can confirm if the error is resolved.

Solution 2: Utilize Rebuild Data in QuickBooks:

Rebuild Data is a necessary utility in QuickBooks that can address the PS032 or PS077 error. Follow these steps to resolve the issue and enable seamless payroll updates:

  1. Open QuickBooks and navigate to the “File” menu.
  2. Select “Utilities.”
  3. Choose “Verify Data” to allow the software to identify potential errors like PS077 or PS032.
  4. Return to the “File” menu.
  5. Click on “Utilities” again.
  6. Select “Rebuild Data.”
  7. Let the utility perform its task and address the PS077 or PS032 QuickBooks error.
  8. Verify the resolution by performing the action that previously triggered the error.

Solution 3: Update QuickBooks and Re-register:

As the PS032 or PS077 error is update-related then ensure the update process was completed correctly. If not then follow these steps to reinstall updates and re-register the software: 

  1. Launch QuickBooks.
  2. Press the “F2” key to access “Product Information.”
  3. Confirm that the “License Key” section states “Activated.” 
  4. If not activated then register by entering the License Key. 
  5. Click on the “Help” tab.
  6. Choose “Update QuickBooks.”
  7. Go to “Update Now” to download updates.
  8. Click “Get Updates” to install the latest updates.
  9. Restart QuickBooks after the updates are fully downloaded.
  10. Select “Yes” when prompted to install updates.
  11. Test the “Payroll” feature to check if the PS077/PS032 QuickBooks error is resolved.

Solution 4: Rename the CPS Folder

CPS is an extension file crucial for running QuickBooks Desktop files which may lead to errors hindering file reading. Rename the CPS folder to resolve the QuickBooks Desktop PS032/PS077 error.

  1. Press the “Windows” key + “E” to open File Explorer.
  2. Navigate to “Local Disk C.”
  3. Access the QuickBooks Desktop folder with the specific program version.
  4. Go to the “Payroll” folder in the components.
  5. Right-click the “CPS” folder and select “Rename Folder” then add “CPSOLD.”
  6. Create a new folder named “CPS.”
  7. Run QuickBooks Desktop and update the payroll tax table.
  8. Ensure the update is the latest one.
  9. Check for the QuickBooks PS077 error. 

Solution 5: Download Payroll Updates and Repair QBDT

Resolve PS077 or PS032 errors by downloading payroll updates and repairing QuickBooks Desktop.

  1. Ensure you’re not logged into QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Close all open windows.
  3. Open “Windows Task Manager” from the Start Menu.
  4. Check for any open QuickBooks program windows.
  5. Reopen QuickBooks.
  6. Download payroll updates.
  7. Verify if the PS032 or PS077 error continues.
  8.  If the issue continues then proceed to repair QuickBooks.
  9. Wait for the repair process to complete.
  10. Restart QuickBooks and test the payroll feature.

This process helps to eliminate the QuickBooks Desktop PS077 error and ensures a seamless payroll functionality.


In conclusion, resolving QuickBooks Payroll Error PS077 or PS032 is a long process. Starting from disabling User Account Control (UAC) to running utilities like Rebuild Data. Updating QuickBooks and registering it again can also be effective. However, if users still encounter issues then our experts are here to help. Feel free to reach out for personalized assistance and ensure smooth payroll operations in QuickBooks.


1. Why am I encountering QuickBooks Payroll Error PS077 or Error PS032?

These errors may occur due to issues like QuickBooks being unable to read information, incorrect billing details, damaged tax table files, outdated billing information, damaged QuickBooks company files, or failure to register QuickBooks software.

2. How can I fix QuickBooks Payroll Error PS077 or PS032?

You can try running utilities like Rebuild Data in QuickBooks or temporarily disable User Account Control (UAC) on Windows. Ensure your system isn’t causing the problem and if issues continue then consider repairing the QuickBooks software. 

3. What’s the process for disabling UAC on Windows to resolve the error?

Press the “Windows” key, go to “Control Panel,” search for “UAC,” select “Change User Account Settings,” disable UAC, and make sure “Never Notify” is selected. Restart QuickBooks to see if the error is resolved.

4. How does Rebuild Data in QuickBooks help in fixing the error?

Rebuild Data is a utility in QuickBooks that identifies and repairs issues including PS077 or PS032 errors. Run by selecting “File,” then “Utilities,” and finally “Rebuild Data.” This may resolve the error.

5. What’s the procedure for updating QuickBooks and registering it again?

Launch QuickBooks, press “F2” for “Product Information,” check if the License Number says “Activated,” and activate it if not. Click “Help,” select “Update QuickBooks,” choose “Update Now,” and restart QuickBooks after updates. This may help in fixing the PS077 or PS032 error.

6. How can I rename the CPS folder to resolve the issue?

Go to the “Local folder and File Explorer and locate the QuickBooks Desktop folder, access the “Payroll” folder, and right-click the “CPS” folder. Now select “Rename Folder,” change it to “CPSOLD,” create a new “CPS” folder, and then run QuickBooks to update the payroll tax table. Check if the error continues.

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