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QuickBooks Payroll Update PSxxx Error

QuickBooks Payroll Update PSxxx Error

Intuit QB Payroll PS Series Errors

The user faces this error when they try to download the Payroll update. Users normally get to see an error with the code “PS” which is followed by an error message. These error codes comprise of: PS077, PS058, PS036, PS034, PS033, and PS032.

What Do Mean By Psxxx Error QuickBooks?

Below We listed the most Common PS series error users face:

Probable Outcome:

The user will be able to download the newest payroll updates.


The user has an active Payroll subscription to QuickBooks Desktop

“Need any assistance, contact to the QuickBooks Payroll tech support team. We are here to assist all your payroll issues.”

Information about this error

Important Note: We offer some useful resolution steps to fix the error. The user may not have to follow all the steps to fix the error. We suggest downloading the newest and the latest tax table again after each and every solution steps.

Resolution Steps To Fix The Error PSXXX QB Payroll Error

  • The user can restart the system and open the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Update and view QuickBooks Desktop Payroll service account details.
  • Authenticate that QuickBooks Desktop is registered.
  • Push F2 in QuickBooks Desktop to see the Product Details window screen. On the above area of the screen, the user needs to tick on the REGISTERED or the user can tick on the ACTIVATED if the user has already registered their QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Ensure the installation of a similar version of QuickBooks Desktop. For instance, the user does not need both installations of QB Accountant 2015 installed on another file folder on a similar device.
  • The user is required to create a backup data file for future reference.
  • If the user has both installations of a similar version, they need to uninstall the one they are not using.
  • After completing the task, the user needs to reset the updates of the QuickBooks Desktop.

1. The process of Resetting updates of the QuickBooks Desktop

  • Go into Disk delivery and download the qbwebpatch.exe file for QuickBooks Desktop support. On the other hand, if the user does not have Internet access, they can do the downloading the company files on another system and they can install them on their PC. All the process needs to be done with the administrative rights of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • The user needs to turn off the UAC and ensure that it is turned back on during the troubleshooting process.

2. User Account Control (UAC) Using Windows:

  • Lists need to be re-sorted, authenticate QuickBooks Desktop company data and then process an error encountered in QuickBooks Desktop.
  • A list of re-sorting and running the Rebuilding of Data / Verification Data processes so that any data damage can be managed accurately.
  • The error report to run is recognized as QBWin.Log:
  • Go into the QuickBooks Desktop and push the Ctrl+1 or F2.
  • Now go into the Product Details windows, and push the Ctrl+2 or F3.
  • Select the Tech support window and tick on the Open file tab
  • Double tick on the qbwin.log.
  • Go into the bottom of the window and work their way up finding for Error (or update disk if the user has disk delivery)
  • Look for the main error on QuickBooks software, and rename the CPS folder.
Important Note: The user may experience numerous error messages.
  • Visit the C:\Program Files\ Components\ Intuit\QuickBooks 20nn\ Payroll\CPS.
  • Now the user can rename the CPSOLD CPS folder.
  • Now they can download the newest tax table
Important Note: Ensure to choose the Download complete payroll and process the rebooting of the file
  • Now the user can reboot and run a .bat file
  • Execute a fresh install of QuickBooks Desktop by choosing Startup.


  1. What procedure do I need to follow to rename the CPS folder to fix the QuickBooks Payroll update Psxxx error?

    The renaming of the CPS is pretty simple with the file explorer. Simply perform the keyword shortcut Windows+E button to open it. Once done hit on This PC option and then choose the folder named Program Files(x86) and then open the Intuit folder. Search for the QuickBooks Desktop folder and then click on the matching version. After this hit on the Components option and then choose the payroll folder. There available CPS folder, give a right-click on it and then choose Rename option.

  2. What methods are effective to resolve the Psxxx QuickBooks payroll update error?

    Many troubleshooting solutions are there to tackle the update error, for instance, verifying the duplicate copy of the QuickBooks, switching the User Account Control settings, searching for the data damage, running the repair tool, checking the update of QuickBooks desktop, and service information.

  3. How can I resort to the list to fix data damage while resolving the QuickBooks payroll update error PSxxx?

    You can resort to the list by locating the lists option and hitting on the list that you need to re-sort. After this hit on the Include Inactive checkbox. If it appears grayed out, it signifies it does not have any inactive names. Once done, choose the view option and then select the re-sort lists. Hit on OK button

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